Results from Post-it Note Poll

At the Parent Meet and Greet on September 14th, large sheets of paper were put up around the room, and parents were asked to post their comments on various topics.

These are the preliminary results:

What would an excellent Parent Advisory Council (PAC) look like?

  • must be open to new ideas
  • must be open and excited about pac
  • needs to be new blood
  • welcoming
  • friendly and approachable

  • must consider the budget
  • would like to have “fun factor”
  • effective fundraising ideas needed
  • must have many committees
  • must be committed executives
  • must want to be actively involved
  • must be positive
  • must be open to input
  • must be visible to parents/students
  • open to volunteers whether they want to donate 5 minutes or five days
  • must be able to get student involvement
  • an open mind to have both French and English reps
  • would be receptive to have both intermediate and primary reps
  • a group that is supportive of one another
  • a group that is well represented

What are you most impressed with?

  • “teachers positive energy.”
  • “readiness for September considering circumstances.”
  • “teachers ability to keep kids organized.”
  • “teachers positiveness.”
  • “great French immersion teachers.”
  • “English kindergarten teachers are great.”
  • “programs available to my son like art and drama.”
  • “communications ie: website, newsletters.”
  • “inviting classrooms.”
  • “friendly supervisors.”
  • “teachers ability to adapt.”

What I’m most worried about at Heather Park?

  • “bus lane cutting off kids from playground to the school.”
  • “placement of buslane.”
  • “zero playground for older kids.”
  • “basketball courts not fenced along roadway.”
  • “bus loop.”
  • “opening in chain link fence at the back of school.”
  • “size of playground vs number of kids.”
  • “staggered entrance in the morning would be much better.”
  • “not enough eyes on supervision.”
  • “number of students.”
  • “school wide sickness.”
  • “parking and pickup in winter.”
  • “class size.”
  • “lack of individual attention, and getting lost.”
  • “overcrowded in am.”
  • “consistency with teachers meeting children at doors.”
  • “not enough playground.”
  • “crosswalk!”
  • “outside time lunch and recess especially with little ones.”
  • “not enough drop off zones.”
  • “crosswalk at the bus loop.”
  • “loss of community feeling.”
  • drop off by bus and vehicle is not safe.”
  • “ playground supervision.”
  • “bus route.”
  • “children safety entering school.”
  • “lack of outside supervision.”
  • “playground placement and bus lane.”

Everything Else:

  • “I’d like to see all primary teachers meet their students outside every morning.”
  • “family dance.”
  • “agenda between teachers and parents to recognize student behavior and participation in class.”
  • “lunch for little kids and older kids at different times.”
  • “more order when children enter in the morning.”
  • “can mme white’s class have an extra place for the jackets it’s very congested with the split class.”
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