Principal/Vice-Principal’s Weekly Message to Teachers – November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010-11-29

I’ll keep this short, so I can still get it out on Monday morning (writing at 11:50!).
Please pass kudos along to your classes for outstanding behaviour and attention at the primary and intermediate assemblies. I look forward to more presentations “en francais” by Richard (he presented a translation of Steve during the int. assembly).

Steve will continue to offer activities for intermediate students in the gym at recess and lunch. Donna McL. will begin offering activities for primary students in the MPR at recess and lunch. I will be outside guy.

To that end, let’s continue to remind students that sliding needs to be feet first, on their bums and one at a time. I will keep the hill on the west end of the building open, but continue to monitor it for safe sliding. I will also continue to ask the loader operator to pile snow over the cement abutments.

That’s all for now folks!

Dan Watt

What’s happening this week?

•    Primary Report Writing Day
•    2:45 Volleyball practice

•    3:00 SBT

•    Soup day in the staff room
•    3:00 Staff meeting

•    2:45 Choir, in the Band room
•    2:45 Volleyball practice


•    Report cards due to office on Monday, December 6
•    Please sign up for the Christmas/Hanukkah/winter celebration luncheon (set for Dec. 15)