Reports from Working Groups

Reports from Working Groups

At our October PAC meeting we had a number of parents volunteer to help with various groups.

Recess safety and activities

At the Recess committee’s first meeting, Steve Fleck was able to provide some clarity around recess/lunch supervision versus recess/lunch activities volunteers. A CUPE representative must be employed for recess/lunch supervision, but a parent can volunteer to lead a recess/lunch “club”.  The committee brainstormed some Indoor/Outdoor Activities, which have now been posted here. Are you interested in sharing a special skill or interest, and do you have some time to do so?


This group has determined that its short term priority is getting a commitment from the School District to move the newer playgrounds from both Austin Road and Springwood schools. Actions taken to date include surveying houses in the area of both schools for their opinion on moving playgrounds, and making a formal request to the School Board at their October 26th meeting.

Social activities and dances

There is a movie night proposed for the end of November. More activities are being planned, and these are being coordinated with the school activity calendar.

Food and related issues

The committee was interested in opening a concession. Due to the number of students, it was suggested that concession days be staggered by grade. Hot lunch has been proposed to run every other Friday, alternating between primary and intermediate, so that each student could receive one hot lunch per month. The fruit and vegetable program is already underway.

Safety and Traffic

A variety of topics were brought up at the first meeting of the safety committee, including: the bus loop, water and mud on floors, outside supervisory levels, front entry congestion, traffic in front of school, possible drop off zones, playground location, fire evacuation plan, allergies, hill behind school, lack of fencing, crowded playgrounds and equipment, and issues in the visitor parking lot.

Other News

We had a very impressive crop of pumpkins, with over 65 people bringing a pumpkin. Pictures are available on our website. Our winners were chosen by random draw – congratulations Tyra D., Tristan B., and Brooklyn V!
Over 100 entries have been received for the mascot contest – watch for an announcement soon.
The school has developed an Allergy Awareness Plan, and students have been receiving more information on which zone they’re in, and symptoms of allergies. If you haven’t received any information on this, or have any questions, please contact the school or visit the school website at