Unapproved minutes, November 10, 2010 General Meeting

Wednesday November 10, 2010
Lab Room 2023
Attendance:  19 parents
Call to Order: 7:02pm
1. Minutes
-motion to accept by Yvonne, 2nd by Sarah

2. Introductions
-Sally welcomes everyone, thanks them for their attendance, starts the room introductions

3. Admin Matters
-we will run our meetings by Roberts Rule of Order
-have a parking lot for other matters that come up that are not on the agenda
-Sally notes that we have accepted Tracy Christensen’s resignation, she has volunteered to stay and help with activities and we all thank her for the great work she has done
-we have had executive meetings Oct 3, Nov 1st, and will have a short meeting tonight immediately after the PAC general meeting
-the agenda and minutes will be posted on the PAC website

4. Banking & Grant Money
-Leeann informed us that she has opened 2 accounts at Spruce Credit Union
-she has deposited $1129.15 into the bank account from Hot Lunch, and there was a left over gaming chq for $41.93 from Heather Park Middle School
-the Austin Road & Springwood gaming money is still on hold
-also reviewed that the petty cash money is considered a float

5. Funding Request
-one teacher has requested a prize box, similar to the “superstar” program at Austin Road
-it would be available to all teachers
-would be maintained by PAC
-we could combine old supplies, recycled gifts, free-bees, and put $50 of new supplies into it
-Motion: Yvonne motions to spend $50 to get a superstar program going, 2nd by Tami
-carried (Lesley to see about setting it up)

6. Principal’s Report
-main focus is currently on management, manage activities on playground, discipline, safety outside
-working on follow up with parents with telephone calls in regards to safety
-have formalized the office referral service, to work with a series of children with repeat discipline problems
-a recess/lunch group has been established that has a paid supervisor working with students that have had repeat discipline problems or bad or threatening behaviour, they are to be in that group and doing work successfully for a minimum of 3 days and then will be able to enjoy normal recess/lunch time activities
-have done a re-jig of the younger students coming in the front door (line-ups); is much improved, students from the farthest classroom away are going in first as to alleviate the congestion
-met with outdoor supervisors to re-enforce expectations and of what is required if a student feels threatened or hurt or when/if a student should be brought inside
-Dan has written to teachers about their expectations and about teacher supervisors coming outside immediately at recess
-Dan is looking at getting the back hill gravelled as it is a slipping concern
-Steve is also advocating to Sr admin at SD57 about other activities outside to alleviate boredom, Tracy Sullivan is also looking at some activities inside/outside, Steve and Tracy have recently had a meeting
-with the help of PAC, the mascot chosen is the Heather Park Hero, the drawing is being reconfigured to an adolescent boy & girl, and there will also be a discussion about
“What does it mean to be a Heather Park Hero?”
Questions for Principal Fleck
-Q: Are the multipurpose room & gym available for activities now?
-A: they would be available as weather gets bad, talk about adult supervised tag, black top hockey, wide games, the multipurpose room and gym would need more organization and more time, there is a meeting scheduled for 9am Monday November 15th for all interested volunteers

7. Subgroup Reports

Food (Leeann)
-there were 6 at the meeting
-a calendar of events have been planned, the first up will be intermediate hot lunch on Friday Nov 12, primary hot lunch on Friday Nov 26
-need ok from school to run concession
-concession to be healthy, not primary source of lunch, $2/day limit and will alternate primary and intermediate days
-Motion: Leeann motions to pay the invoices for hot lunch for November 12 & 26, 2nd by Sarah
-Leeann to see Steve about food calendar for approval

Dance & Activities (Sarah & Yvonne)
-have had 1st meeting and Marilyn has been asked to chair the group and she has agreed
-potential activities are a November 26 movie night, January 27th dance,
-to look at each activity to have one central person organize, with lots of help from volunteers
-discuss Movie night and licensing, Steve said school needs a blanket license in building to show protected work, the cost to the school is $0.70/student for license, he propose that if the PAC was to pay the extra $0.15/student (total $105) to allow for public viewing, i.e.: movie night, we could definitely have the fundraiser
-Motion: Yvonne – for the PAC to pay the $0.15/student (approx $105) for the premium public viewing license, 2nd by Karen
-need a calendar of events to be approved by Steve, Yvonne to ask Marilyn to look into

Fundraising (Lesley)
-on hold for now
-discussed some ideas
-will look at more select options in January
-also realize that some of the other activities we do can be part of fundraising

Playground (Sarah)
-we have gone to School Board to get a commitment to move one playground structure from Austin Road and Springwood each
-would not be able to move until spring at the earliest
-Sally has made a presentation to the School Board backed up by surveys from affected neighbourhoods
-the report was given to the school board and has since gone onto the Educational Services Com, and should be going back to the next school board mtg in December
-discuss whether we should start playground fundraising now
-in a holding pattern until school board rules

Safety & Traffic (Yvonne)
-Tami Rowe gives the report
-group has met twice, with up to 8 or 9 people
-at the begin stages of efforts
-have a large list of concerns, although some have been taken care of by Steve & Dan already
-there is a meeting scheduled for Friday with Steve to share concerns and look for solutions
-some of the concerns are: evacuations, outdoor supervision, traffic & bus loop, winter weather, slippery hills, snow removal, pathway maintenance, congestion on entering the school, playground congestion, broken fencing
-Q: does this group have enough resources?
-A: group understands that this is a hot topic group, it is right now at the gathering of information stage, does not need resources right now but is grateful that there is the volunteer core there ready to call upon if needed
-Q (for Principal Fleck): has there been a fire drill yet, and is there a person in the building responsible for first aid?
-A: SD57 has contracted Aztec to provide the school with its fire drill evacuation plan, they were contacted at the beginning of the year and we were told that they will get to us when they get to us. School admin have since then made a plan of their own based primarily on the old plan with some modifications due to primary aged students. A fire drill was then to take place when Aztec showed up to begin their plan and there were some disagreements, basically on where the students were to congregate outside. So the planned fire drill was put on hold as they did not want to confuse the students with 2 fire drills with 2 different meeting spots. Steve has recently received an email that the full plan will be completely installed by the end of next week and that a full fire drill will take place by the end of November. As for first aid, no school has a first aid person in the building but work safe does require that there be at least 2 people trained in the building to administer first aid. There is currently 3 staff that have tickets that have recently expired (within weeks). 2 people are also going to be sent to a week long course by the end of November.

Recess (Sally & Kelly)
-what can we do to engage students
-Tracy Sullivan has met with Steve, look to start simple (outside), expand to come inside as weather becomes grim
-there is a meeting for all interested volunteers who can come and help organize and supervise activities on Monday November 15th at 9am with Steve
-Sally & Steve have met with John McClay to pitch for an activities co-ordinator, he is suppose to be back to us within a week with an answer

8. Budget
-we have yet to set one, need to know what is needed first
-we will currently look at the needs on a case by case basis
-will look for a firm budget in January

-there is a PAC911 workshop in December
-Leeann and Lesley are to attend it
-there is a special BCCPAC fall meeting in Vancouver that Sarah is off to attend
-DPAC directors & School Trustees had a meeting last week, topics that came up were strongstart, bullying, French Immersion, playground supervision
-trustee’s seemed to “get” that there are challenges at EHPE
-a comment was that we could all see the issues with Heather Park coming, we want to know what they are going to do about it

10. DPAC Rep
-Sarah is currently our default rep, she also sits on the DPAC board
-no one else is interested, Sarah is our rep by acclimation

11. No Christmas concert
-should we look at options
-accept no concert, do a video concert, have a fun-ice skate-open gym night, holiday night (take the concert part out), family potluck night maybe with crafts
-Steve is willing to work with a group to have some event co-ordinated with pac
-there is also scheduled to do a sing-a-long in the gym for the students
-did a quick vote, 13 people would like to replace the evening with something
-gather a group together to meet with Steve and come up with something
-Susan, Tracy, Lorren to help organize

12. Parking Lot
-check on our communication
-other ways we will be communicating: Monday memo (from the principal), daily announcements, conversation with the principal
-please check the website for frequent updates
-the TV announcement system is to be fixed
-check the calendar on PAC website
-there is to be French Immersion meeting on Wednesday November 17th (6:30pm?) in the lab room

Adjourn: 8:45pm