Minutes – PAC Meeting December 8, 2010

Wednesday December 8, 2010

Lab Room 2023

Attendance: 26 parents

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

-welcome & introductions

2. Minutes


-Motion: Sarah motions to accept the minutes, 2nd by Leeann


3. Agenda

-reviewed agenda

-Sarah asks to add on DPAC update

4. Admin Matters

-review the parking lot for upcoming ideas

-we will have a brief executive mtg afterwards to action all items

5. Teacher Liaison

-Steve introduces the 3 teachers present: Wendy Girard (English), Rebecca Dougherty (French), Kelly Dunn (French)

-teachers will be at future PAC mtgs and it will be on a rotating basis

-Kelly thanks all teachers for their hard work these past 4 months

-Kelly Dunn spoke about the French Immersion meeting; overall goal is to make the school truly dual track

-set to start homework club for intermediate students on Tues/Thurs will be about 45mins

-will celebrate Carnival this year, would like to look at some traditional food at concession at that time

-looking on getting some of the signage from Austin Road

-also looking at a French Immersion link on the website

-there will be a class for parents of primary students on how to support their children in French immersion

-also thinking about having a monthly French immersion assembly

-there is access thru SD57 continuing education for a class called Rosetta Stone to help parents with children in Fr Immersion

6. Treasurer’s Report

-review smartboard funds from AR PAC

-review hot lunch & movie night funds

-review gaming grants from previous & current accounts

-Motion: Leeann to motion that we pay for 2 $500 bursaries & 2 $500 scholarships each year up  to & including 2016 for a total of $12,000 with the money entrusted to us by the previous Heather Park Middle School PAC. 2nd by Sarah


7. Funding requests

-review Christmas celebration event

-Motion: Lesley motions to spend up to $500 for crafts, food & beverage supplies for the Christmas celebration event. 2nd by Karen


-discuss sing-a-long assembly

-Motion: Lesley motions to spend up to $300 on oranges for the students at the Christmas sing-a-long. 2nd by Tina


-discussion on improving website

-Motion: Motion: that the PAC pay up to $75 for web hosting for 2 years from Dream Host.

8. Principal’s Report

-highlights: generating activities/programs inside the building, appreciate the hot lunch, primary recess group has started with Donna, Steve is handling the 4-7 activities in the gym, is finding the school is increasingly becoming a community, have newspaper club & leadership programs going, reports are coming in; very high quality, safety committee is meeting weekly with Steve, appears that SD57 is in support of moving 2 playgrounds, Brian Pepper & John McClay would like to come to next PAC mtg, had a full fire drill today, very happy with the students & school community

-Q: Can we include all kindergarten students in fire drill

-A: will change the days (and now also time) to include all students, or as many as possible

-Q: Are there still requests for students to come in, do we have space?

-A: there is room for students, and there have been some requests, there were 6 new students accepted last week, but some grades have maybe only one spot available. We are also looking at having 2 Korean students for 2 months.

-Q: Is there an opportunity for the PAC to use and utilize the leadership students?

-A: Steve would love to see that, maybe concession, we could approach the teachers. It would be great for the students.

-Q: Do you need helpers for the sing-a-long?

-A: That would be great

-there is a primary rotating craft day on Thursday from right after recess till 2pm

9. Subgroups

Food (Leeann)

-concession is not running yet, looking for someone to help co-ordinate

-maybe break concession into houses

-hot lunch went well and was appreciated, next one is in February

Dance & Activities (Yvonne)

-movie night was great, made a little money, about 85 people

-will be coming up with a schedule for the rest of the year to be approved by administration

Fundraising (Lesley)

-will look at a raffle in January-February

-will do a Purdy’s Easter fundraiser

-a spring summer fundraiser, Mother’s day baskets?

Playground (Sarah)

-SD57 is looking at the cost of moving playgrounds

-SD57 seemed to have indicated that as PAC’s have already paid for them previously, board feels that they should pay to move them

-survey results are online

-have been contacted by newspaper

-discussion on crown land to the north

-Motion: Sarah motions that the playground committee and the PAC executive start the process for a License of Occupation for the area of Crown land north of the school. The committee would ask for a letter of support from the city and the school district, review liability issues, and proceed with an application if support is received.

-2nd by Andrew

-is there space to make areas level

-problem at this point is cost

-concern on new land would be a bigger area to supervise

-discussion on subject


Recess (Kelly)

-need a few more lunchtime volunteers on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

-Please contact Donna

Safety & Traffic (Jim)

-there is a new safety email, all concerns should go there

-fire drill went well today

-discussion on safestart, trying to make it more effective, request a note to teachers to let them know that it is going on and need attendance fast, also a note to parents as well

-discussion on the visitor parking lot nightmare

-review an alternative drop off loop

-requests for gates in bus lane

-look at presenting to SD57

-please send all feedback to safety email

10. Progress

-safety, big issue, is making some headway

-recess, with Donna making a dent would like to see it more long-term

-playgrounds, looks good but have not had a yes yet

-did have a mtg with Mr. McClay, his response is can’t help us yet

-Mr. Pepper is coming to us at January 12th mtg

-definitely seeing some improvement in safety now that it is more formalized & documented

11. DPAC

-had a workshop on the weekend, will have another one

-looking at capacity issues in PG

-look at policy 5119, needs comments by January 6th

12. Adjourn: 8:40pm

-Next meeting January 12, 2011 @ 7:00pm