School Newsletter, December 13, 2010

school newsletter 10.12.13

Be part of the fun!! Wear your special Christmas hat or reindeer antlers this Wednesday, December 15 and bring an item for our food drive. Students in grades 4-5 will be invited to the gym at recess for some music and fun.  At lunch the 6-7’s will have their chance to dance and have a great time. All students attending at recess and lunch will need to have a food item to donate at the door to get in.

With the snow and ice on our property we need parents help to keep things as safe as possible.  We ask all parents to:
1.   Stay out of the bus lane unless transporting a person with a disability between the hours of 7:45 and 3:30.
2.   Do not use Handicapped parking unless required for a person with a disability.
3.   Use the street, visitor parking, or the Elks Centre to pick up and drop off students.  Please do not use the staff parking area at the front of the school.  This lot conflicts with bus traffic and is for school staff only.
4.   Use care when walking or driving in the visitor parking lot.
5.   Avoid crossing the bus lane when walking to, and from school, except at the cross walk.

Last Wednesday afternoon, all our students participated in our first full fire drill.  The evacuation went very smoothly.  Afterwards members of the PAC Safety Committee, school administration and Ric Burchell from Aztec Fire Safety and Planning Consulting LTD met to discuss ways to enhance our exit plans.
In the New Year we will have another practice – the date of which will be a surprise to both staff and students.

SCHOOL-WIDE SING ALONG On Friday after lunch students will head to the gym for some holiday singing. We have heard that the Jolly Elf, Santa, will make an appearance.  Santa and his PAC of elves will deliver delicious Christmas oranges to all students. Parents who want to drop in and sing along are more than welcome — the more, the merrier.

We want to thank the parents and student leaders volunteering with Mrs. McLachlan to organize special activities at recess and lunch in the multi-purpose room. This fun time for primary students helps reduce supervision challenges while teaching the children how to have fun, stay active, and show respect for others.
In the gym, Mr Fleck continues to supervise grades 4-5 students M-W-F at recess, and Tu-Th at lunch. Grade 6-7’s are scheduled for M-W-F at lunch and Tu-Th at recess. Activities
in the gym include volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, dancing and music.

On December 16-17 we will display all Lost and found items.  Please take time to check this out and take your children’s belongings home.

Dec 15         Report Cards go home.
Dec 16         PAC Christmas Special Event Evening.
Dec 17         Afternoon Carol Sing Along for Students.
Dec 17         Last Day of School.
Jan 4  First day back after holidays.

Starting in the New Year Heather Park will be embracing basketball as our next intermediate school sport.  This will involve intramurals for grades 4-7, as well as school teams for students in 6-7.
In February, Heather Park will host a basketball tournament for schools all over the city.  It will be tons of fun for everyone.