Agenda for January 12, 2011 PAC Meeting

2011 Jan 12 Agenda – printable

i) Call to Order followed by Introductions/Welcome (3 min)
ii) Approval of Minutes from last meeting (2 min)
iii) Present the agenda (2 min)
iv) Administrative Matters (5 min.)
• Issues or ideas that can’t be addressed when identified will be “parked” and addressed as soon as possible
• Executive met on December 8th immediately after the last meeting to action all items; met again on January 5th to set the agenda for this meeting. Will meet immediately following today’s meeting to action all items from today’s meeting.
• Minutes were posted on the PAC website and the draft agenda for this meeting was posted on the website on Monday January 10th
• All items not addressed by 8:30 this evening will be deferred to the next meeting to accommodate questions and answers session with Mr. Pepper and Mr. McLay
v) Status of finances and banking matters– Leeann (3 min)
• Draft Budget has been developed by Leeann and Lesley – on-line; discussed in February and hopefully voted on
vi) Funding Requests (5 min)
• Forgotten lunch cupboard
• Cookie medals and prizes for spelling B
vii) Report Card (5 min)
viii) Brian Pepper and John McLay – Questions and Answers
• Key unresolved issues
• Playground request
• Recess/Supervision
• Safety
ix) Principal’s Forum – Q & A (10 min)
x) Teacher liaison (3 min)
xi) Report from sub groups (5 min each – including questions/votes)
• Food committee – will not run a concession due to lack of volunteer interest
• Dances & Activities
• Fundraising
• Playground – no report – no change from Dec. meeting
• Recess – no report – no change from Dec. meeting
• Safety and Traffic – present proposed traffic solution
xii) DPAC report – (3 min)
xiii) Address “parked” issues as time permits – defer to next meeting if not (5 min)
xiv) Next meeting February 9, 2011 at 7:00 pm.
xv) Meeting Adjournment