Draft Proposed Budget

Comments are welcome! This budget will be discussed at the February PAC meeting.

Income Net Income
Gaming grants – current year $21,580
Hot Lunch $500
Evening Activities (movie night etc.) $300
Purdy $1,000
Raffle $11,000
Popcorn/Concession $300
Total Net Income $34,680
Expenses Expense
Gaming grant – transfer to Kelly Road ?
Babysitting $240
Teachers* $2,800
PAC Supplies $300
Slush Fund** $1,000
Staff Appreciation $500
Gym Equipment $2,000
Carnival $500
Library Grant $750
Computer Lab Grant $750
Sports Day (Free H.L.) $1,500
Grade 7/Leadership $750
Field Trips/Bussing $3,000
Fun Fair $5,000
Spelling Bee $300
Outdoor Space Reserve*** $2,500
T-shirts $4,500
Total Expenses $26,390

In addition, there are some balances carried forward from Austin Road, Springwood, and Heather Park Middle School.

*Would be a yearly amount of $100 for each teacher to be re-reimbursed from PAC for classroom supplies.
**To pay for items for the Forgotten Lunch Cupboard, emergency replacement of supplies etc.
***As a PAC would like to prepare for the future by putting some of our funds aside now for bigger purchases.

Note: gaming funds a grant from the provincial government for $20 per student – calculated from the previous year’s total. Austin Road and Springwood PACs had applied for the grants last year, Heather Park Middle School had not. Fortunately, after some appeals, Gaming has just sent over the grant calculated on the previous year’s enrollment at HPMS.