New Traffic Plan

The PAC Safety Committee and school administration have received numerous concerns about the safety in our Visitor Parking Lot and nearby roads.  With this in mind, we developed a set of guidelines to reduce problems in critical areas.  The success of this plan depends on cooperation from parents and guardians who drive to school.   The link below provides an electronic copy of the notice sent home today.  PLEASE take time to read and discuss this plan with your family and anyone else who may be driving your children to school.


On Jan. 31st, 2011 the school district property maintenance managers met with members of the PAC Safety Committee and agreed to commission a comprehensive study of the traffic issues at Heather Park.  Parents will be given a chance to provide input to this review.  The results of this plan will not be implemented until the following school year.  For now, we must depend on people in our community to drive safely and follow the guidelines below.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.