Around the schools

From week of February 14th:

This promises to be a quieter week at École Heather Park Elementary.   Last week was a blur-r-r-r of activities: there was a special language and food presentation to recognize the four Korean exchange students recently enrolled at ÉHPES;  KRSS hosted a grade 7 parent transition night; under a mirrored disco ball, with glow stick necklaces, gr. 4 & 5 students danced at the PAC sponsored sock hop. To finish off the week, the leadership crew had a wonderful weeklong ‘Goin’ Bananas’ theme.  Daily announcements of unique banana facts were shared, culminating in a special surprise for anyone who brought a banana to school. They were treated to banana sundaes—complete with all the fixings.

To help chase away the winter blahs, many classes also participated in a variety of field trips, including Tabor Ski Hill for skiing or snowboarding lessons, Otway for enjoyable cross –country ski trails, or to the nearby Elks Centre for Figure Skating.

Next Tuesday, everyone will enjoy a special Green Thumb Theatre presentation of ‘500 Words.’  The story tells what happens when one of the smartest kids in the school is paired with a struggling reader. The unlikely duo creates a magical story neither could have produced on their own and along the way they learn that you really can’t judge a person without knowing them.


Nadine Trifunovich Allen                        &                       Dan Watt

Counsellor-Resource Teacher                                             Vice-principal