PAC General Meeting Minutes, February 9, 2011

ehpe pac gm feb 9 11


Wednesday February 9,201

Lab Room 2023

Attendance: 20 parents

1. Call to Order : 7:02pm

-welcome & introductions

2. Review Minutes

-we are not providing copies of the minutes

-Sally reviews

-Motion: Sarah motions to accept minutes, 2nd by Tracy


3. Agenda

-review of agenda

4. Administrative Matters

-review discussion of information vs dissemination of info

-pac members come to the meeting to be informed

-review parking lot, executive meeting

-agenda is posted on Monday before meeting

5. Status of key unresolved issues

-safety committee member is coming in late today

-Sally reviewed the mtg with Brian, John, Lyn & Trish

-French immersion rumor

-discussed safety, playgrounds & recess supervision

-Lyn mentioned to Sally that he believed that there was nothing on our list that couldn’t be accomplished

-fencing is coming, looking at a gate at bus loop

-proper training to be issued for crosswalk supervisors

-the visitor parking lot issue is being sent to an engineering company to look at issues and possible solutions, the pac & safety committee will be very much involved

-falling snow from eaves is a top priority with the maintenance staff to protect student’s safety

-the dangerous willows will be removed as soon as the snow melts

-work on the drainage issue in the back field will be done when the snow melts

-creating a safe walkway from back doors of school up to playing field is under consideration

-Steve answers some questions

-fencing is to follow path up to garbage cans and then will be overlapped to create a barrier to slow students down

-gate has been asked to be put in, locked or not is an issue

-pac/safety committee will definitely have input on the parking lot issues & future plans

-back door walkway, there has to be a plan, consider future playgrounds etc.

-Mr. Pepper & Mr. McClay owe PAC a response from last mtg

6. Finance

-Leeann reviews attachment

7. Budget

-Lesley reviews proposed budget

-discuss raising teacher amount to $150/division (teachers that job-share will share the $150)

-discuss giving non enrollment teachers $100

-one area that Steve thinks needs support is the library

-discussed teacher wish list, PAC would take a look at every request as they come in

-a long-term need would be water into the primary classes downstairs, Sally mentions that this has already been discussed by the executive and we would definitely like to work with the school on this matter in the future

Motion: Lesley motions to accept the budget, 2nd by Karen


8. Funding requests

-funds for the March 11 family dance, theme is Hawaiian, will be 7-9

-$300DJ, $500concession, $200decorations

-wait and see how much concession food is left over

-Motion: Tracy motions to advance up to $1000 for the family fun dance, 2nd by Tamara


9. Principal Q&A

-school is approaching 30 FI kindergarten, 50 English kindergarten, his goal is 85

-registration is up in both French & English

-strongstart program will still be here

-concern about traffic issue with more younger students

10. SPC Elections

-Dan speaks as to what this is

-one executive parent rep & 2 other pac parents

-any parents can come to open mtgs

-Sarah & Kelly both let their name stands for executive rep,

-a vote is had, Sarah is voted in, Kelly still a parent rep

-Marilyn Langlois also agrees to be a parent rep

11. Teacher Liaison

-wish list by February 28

-Mme. Dougherty sends her regrets

-the teachers appreciate what the PAC put into the Carnival, it helped make it a big success

-also appreciate what the PAC is doing with the forgotten lunch cupboard

12. Sub-group

-Dance & Activities

-basketball tournament games 8-6pm

-dance 8-9:30pm

-March 11 family dance 7-9


-raffle is going well

-Purdy’s will be done in March


-big thank you to RCMP & community policing

-also want to thank all parents who are adapting to safety procedures & calling in for safestart

-a concern is that some parents who drop their children off on the road are letting their children out directly onto the road

-will definitely be involved with what the engineering company comes up with

13. DPAC

-our playground is on the agenda for the ESC mtg in March

-some of the College Height’s FI kindergarten students who registered did not get in

-Lois Boone would like an invitation to a PAC mtg

-discussion on late entry FI program

-there is 667 kindergarten registrations sd wide, about 65%, which is normal

-transportation is on the next board agenda

14. Parked Items

-a parent would like to know why the change rooms are blocked out during the dance, Steve explains it takes away a place where inappropriate activity can happen, also relieves the coming & going

Adjourn: 8:30pm