Safety Committee Report – February 9, 2011

We have continued to meet with Steve once a week.

Our list of concerns continues to be discussed and put forward.

Our main topic over the past month has been traffic flow.

Last week 2 managers from maintenance attended our weekly meeting, and have agreed to work with an engineering company to review traffic, and have agreed to involve parents in the discussions.

The safety committee worked with school administration to implement some safety guidelines in traffic around the school and the RCMP/Community Policing were out helping to reinforce these changes.  Their assistance was much appreciated by all of our safety committee members. We can appreciate that some of these changes may seem inconvenient to some but, we can not stress enough the importance of following these changes.  There have been a number of hair raising incidents out there and I feel confident that no one would like to be involved with an accident involving any of our school members/family. Note: the RCMP/Community Policing will be coming back to the school to continue to reinforce safety guidelines.

Fencing to separate the bus lane and playground is being consideration with fencing for the ends of the bus loop to close it off during the day.

Plans are under way to clean up the gully behind the school as well as work on the drainage in the same area.

The same plan remains for the snow falling off the roof.  They plan to respond to work orders quickly when the snow builds up.  There seems to be an unwillingness to try any kind of snow cleat.

We still have some questions related to how the school district identifies and resolves safety issues and we will continue to ask these questions.

Thank you to all of the parents who have called in when their child will be absent, this is a great help with the safe start program.

Thank you very much for helping us make this a safe environment for everyone who enters our school.

Tami Rowe, for the Safety Committee