Agenda for PAC Meeting Wednesday, March 9

Parent Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

March 9, 2011 6:45 pm – 7:00 pm (Social Time)

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (Meeting)

Computer Room – École Heather Park Elementary School


i)     Call to Order followed by Introductions/Welcome (3 min)

ii)    Approval of Minutes from last meeting (2 min)

iii)   Present the agenda (2 min)

iv)   Administrative Matters (5 min)

  • Issues or ideas that can’t be addressed when identified will be “parked” and addressed as soon as possible
  • Executive met on February 9th immediately after the last meeting to action all items; met again on March 6th to set the agenda for this meeting.  Will meet immediately following today’s meeting to action all items from today’s meeting.
  • Minutes were posted on the PAC website and the draft agenda for this meeting was posted on the website on Tuesday March 8th.
  • All items not addressed by 8:30 this evening will be deferred to the next meeting to accommodate questions and answers session with Trustee Lois Boone

v)            Status of key unresolved issues – Yvonne (5 min)

vi)           Lois Boone – our liaison with the School Board

vii)         Questions/Answers/Discussion with Trustee Lois Boone

viii)        Status of finances and banking matters– Leeann (5 min)

ix)           Funding requests – (5 min)

x)            Bylaws – (10 min)

xi)   Principal’s Forum – Q & A (5 min)

xii) Teacher liaison  (3 min)

xii) DPAC – Sarah (3 min)

xiii)        Information Dissemination (3 minutes)

  • Kelly will be unable to participate in the SPC – need a replacement
  • Will be no family fun night due to overwhelming need for volunteers
  • Would we like to have another movie night in April or May?

xiii)        Address “parked” issues as time permits – defer to next meeting if not (5 min)

xiv)        Next meeting April 13, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

xv) Meeting Adjournment