Volunteer Update

Hello Heather Park Volunteers!

A big thank you to everyone who organized and helped out at the school dance on Friday. The event was really successful and the kids had a lot of fun!

1. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Goodies – Wednesday, March 16

Our teachers and school staff continue to do an amazing job in our school. No doubt we can all think of examples of when staff have gone above and beyond to help our kids. We would like to show our appreciation by providing some edible goodies to our teachers and staff on Wednesday March 16. If you are able to provide a snack/baking/treat/
appy please bring it to the Multipurpose Room kitchen between 8:15 and 8:45 on Wednesday March 16. We will put all the treats in the staff room for the teachers and staff to enjoy during the day. Please mark your container with your child’s name and classroom on it so we can ensure any empty containers are returned to you. If you are able to bring something please send me a quick email at yparkinson@shaw.ca to let us know. Thank you!

2. School Movie Night Friday April 15

We are looking for someone to organize a School Movie Night on Friday, April 15. The good news is this will be the second movie night of the year, so we’ve figured out some of the logistics and have developed a guideline/information on what steps are required to organize a successful movie night (Thank you Julia for this!). It is a relatively easy event to organize. The PAC will provide support as needed, but we need someone to head up the organization of the event. If you are able to lead the event, please send me an email at yparkinson@shaw.ca. This is a great way to help build community, raise a few dollars, and put on a really fun event for the school.

Thanks again for everything you are doing for our school. We are making a difference!

Yvonne Parkinson
PAC Volunteer Coordinator.