Minutes, General PAC Meeting April 13, 2011



Wednesday April 13, 2011

Lab Room 2023

Attendance: 16 parents


1. Call to Order:

-Kelly calls meeting to order

-introductions & welcome


2. Minutes

-Kelly reviews

-Motion: Sarah motions to accept, 2nd by Leeann



3. Agenda

-Kelly reviews agenda


4. Admin Matters

-review parking lot

-executive met on March 9th immediately after last mtg, also on April 6th, will meet right after mtg tonight


5. Safety Committee meets with Lois Boone

-spent a lot of time discussing whether there is a process at SD57

-discussed parking lot issues

-asked about playground placement

-had a 2nd mtg with Bryan Mix

-Mr. Mix admitted school was not ready in September

-changing Heather Park from a middle school to a primary school is a significant goal of SD57

-will be trying very hard to resolve issues over spring/summer

-L&M Engineering to review parking lot & pedestrian issues

-lots of discussion on playground placement, Steve to meet with maintenance the next day to begin discussions

-hand washing an issue with mess of soap in washrooms, we are looking at portable sinks

-another fire evacuation drill is still coming

-safety com & PAC is to be involved in parking lot resolutions

-want to thank all parents who are staying out of the bus loop and who are calling in for safestart

-a BIG thank you to the safety committee for a great job


6. Finance

-Leeann reviews

-also lets everyone know about gaming fund increase of $5 to $25


7. Funding Requests

-transfer of additional gaming funds to Kelly Road PAC

-Motions: To transfer $1015.00 of the new gaming funds to Kelly Road PAC (203 students x $5). By Lesley, 2nd by Sarah


-hand washing stations

-discussion of project, Steve reviews reasons behind this and also research done by Dolores

-will likely be purchasing one now and 3-4 more later

-Motion: To support EHPE in purchasing portable sinks for the classrooms for an amount of $2500 (pilot project). By Lesley, 2nd by Marilyn


-emergency blankets for evacuation in winter

-discussion on need, where they would be placed & reason behind it

-students, especially ones in intermediate classes in winter would be unable to get to their jackets

-Motion: To provide EHPE with emergency blankets (700) and empty first aid bags for a total of $2328.43. By Lesley, 2nd by Sarah


-Teacher wish list

-discussion on supporting curriculum vs. non-curriculum items

-reviewed all items one by one

-discussion on budget availability, have funds available

-Motion: To approve purchase of wishlist items that has been submitted to PAC as of this time. By Carissa, 2nd by Nicole



8. Bylaw’s

-Sarah reviews

-Motion: Motion to accept bylaws as attached. By Sarah, 2nd by Marilyn



9. Principal’s Forum

-soap is available plus we are looking at portable sinks

-had a visit from Ministry of Environmental Safety, we are doing well

-have had approval for budget & school plan for next year

-English int class ave is 27, primary is 22

-Fr Im. Intermediate is very low for 6 & 7’s next year, will be having a meeting with Fr Im. Teachers next week

-talked about pool party and its purpose

-school is currently finishing off an order of technology equipment including document cameras

-have some money left in the budget so Steve is now being able to say Yes a lot more

-school feeling is very positive

-figure skating went well

-a big thank you to the PAC volunteers who are helping unpack the books

-looking at upgrading in math supplies i.e. Textbooks

-Steve will be off to Quebec for a month in the summer to learn some French


10. Teacher Liaison

-an enormous thank you for the teacher’s fund & bussing money

-Jump Rope is on May 13, will be looking for volunteers

-there was a suggestion from Carissa that if we have a large event we could have volunteers there filling out criminal record check forms and she could take them down to the police station in a large bundle. She would need a volunteer to help with photocopying driver’s license.

-discussion on doing it on at sports day


11. Keg Grant

-Kelly reviews and asks if anyone could be a champion on it

-Steve lets them know if interested that Bev would assist in putting the grant together

-discuss looking at maybe applying for the grant to help with playground placement

-Marilyn willing to look at being a champion


12. DPAC

-Lac du Bois is installing 4 swings at $15k, $5k for swings, and $10 for installation

-Hart Highlands had a dance where the DJ donated his services

-CUPE bargaining may have come to a complete stop, teachers contract is almost up

-a DPAC/PAC bullying workshop


13. SPC

-thoughts & discussion onto “purpose of education”

-there is a survey on our website that we encourage parents to participate in

-Tracy Sullivan volunteers to be on the council

-meeting are open to everyone, next one is April 26 @ 4pm


14. Information Dissemination

-soap is back in the washrooms

-Upcoming Events

-Egg drop April 21st

-movie night April 15th

-sports day June 9th

-a grade 7 event was discussed, it was decided that it would not be a specific event organized by the PAC but could be a PAC supported event to be organized by the parents of grade 7 students

-a welcome back BBQ in August, should be under the discussion for the next PAC executive

-playground update, we are to receive one

-discussion on whether the PAC could fund the difference of moving the 2nd playground

-Steve said that the school would like to look into that also, maybe school and PAC could work together

-Motion: To explore the option of EHPE PAC paying the difference for moving the 2nd playground to EHPE in co-operation with the school. By Lesley, 2nd by Tami



15. Parked Issues

-Hot lunch in May

-left it open to the group that if someone steps forward in the next few days

-Lesley offers to work with someone on the first one in May so they could run the 2nd one


Adjourn: 8:40pm