PAC Minutes, March 8, 2011




Wednesday March 8, 2011

Lab Room 2023

Attendance: 25 parents

1. Call to Order: 7:04pm

-welcome & introductions

2. Minutes

-Sally reviews the minutes

Motion: Jane motions to accept, 2nd by Yvonne



3. Agenda

-review agenda


4. Admin Matters

-review parking lot

-please respect your neighbor; please keep side conversations to social time

-had executive mtgs on February 9th & March 5th, and will have another one right after out mtg tonight to action any items

-we have a special guest Lois Boone and will not keep her comments or questions to her to a set time, so if we run out of time this evening we will table any items till the next mtg


5. Status of unresolved issues

-Yvonne reviews

-highlights positives: hot lunch program, movie & dance, Halloween event, Christmas social, helped out with a successful basketball tournament, successful fundraising raffle, t-shirts for all students, a very involved parents group – in the classrooms & school, actively trying to help solve playground and safety issues in the school

-we have an amazing staff & admin in the school, the pac & staff are working together to build a sense of school community

-still face many challenges

Playground, we have one playground for 700 students which is completely inadequate, we at least one more structure in an appropriate area

Supervision, we have an employee until the end of April but are wondering what will happen then

Safety, parking lot is a gong show, the bus loop in the middle of the playground area, snow removal, water in the hallways, snow & icicles falling from the roof and hitting students, safety committee has identified issues and created & forms to identify and report incidents, we have been very proactive but unfortunately we have not been successful in finding a way of having our issues dealt with

-Sally review email from Mr. Pepper before Trustee Boone speaks


6. Lois Boone

-our problems are being acted on, but the big current problem is winter

-says what we are doing is working, action may not come as quickly as we want but due diligence must be done

-board is taking our concerns very seriously

-we are waiting to hear from staff to see if we can move playground “in house”

-problem is we still have no money

-we are still short this year

-sd57’s budget is school based for things like supervision

-maintenance is done at the sr admin’s level

-very proud of the teachers/principals in our district

-our education is happening with less money & less services

-working with the staff will work to get things solved

Q: Ken asks, great info, more than we have received so far, safety of the children at the school is not the PAC’s responsibility but is SD57, there doesn’t seem to be a system to identify & solve the safety situation

A: believes we are monitoring all the roofs and if nessicary we are shoveling it off

-A child was hurt by ice falling and needed stitches, parent is concerned

-Steve responds, a request was put in on Tues and then on Thursday an emergency request was put in and a maintenance employee was on the roof at the time of the incident

-maintenance has been in about the ice on the roof

-school admin will be following up every electronic request for maintenance with a telephone call

LB asks, is there anything to be done to identify those areas to keep students

Steve answers, Dan circles the school every morning to try and identify any area’s that have concerns

-the issue with parents seems to be there is no system to report safety issues

LB: maintenance is part of safety; they go around and check on schools, but also respond to the Sr admin staff at the school, we have also called in other engineering companies

Q: is there a system for tracking injuries of students

A: yes and it is followed up at several levels, including provincially

-Do not think we have adequate supervision to have area’s blocked off from students

-can we get a rebate on insurance for safety

-talk about process, would like a form that everyone could fill out, surprises her that it is so hard to talk to anyone about, surprised that safety committee had to come up with its own form

-a parent states that when the Brian’s were here that everything is very reactive to us, that solution doesn’t seem to be working

-a parent states that we have been talking about snow on the roof but there are many other safety issues

-talk of a meeting between Trustee Boone and safety committee


8. Finance

-Leeann reviews

-subs went to soup kitchen (from basketball tournament)


9. Funding requests

-Motion: to provide the funds to Mr. Earle to purchase to Lego robotic sets to start up a lunchtime robotics club by Carrisa, 2nd by Leeann


-Motion: to pay to Kelly Road PAC funds for 203 HPMS grade 7’s that went to Kelly Road as grade 8 students this year. A total of $4060 by Sarah, 2nd by Leeann



10. Bylaws

-Sarah reviews

-we would like to vote on at the next mtg or the one after

-Sarah to post to the website


11. Principal’s Forum

Q: why is there no soap in the bathroom?

A: soap is a bugbear of schools, we try to keep them filled and then students make a huge mess with them

-a parent cautions that the animals will be close soon and will be hungry because of the past winter


12. Wishlist

-Rebecca to forward list to us

-shelving has been installed so we can start really unpacking


13. DPAC

-no charge for bussing

-Glenview is to get a modular

-ESC met about playground, no official work


14. Information Dissemination

-Kelly cannot do SPC, replacement

-no one volunteers, let them know if they are interested can contact Steve, Sarah or Marilyn

-no family fun night so movie night instead

-Thank you to everyone with helping out with the raffle, was a great success

-Sally thanks Lois again for her time


Adjourn: 8:40pm