School Funding Wishlist items – passed at April 13th PAC meeting

Teacher Wish List (non-curriculum)


1.  Sue Wessel                                                   $367.84 (plus shipping & taxes)

-Paint’N’Swirl machine                  $32.94

-Paint Refill                                         $14.64

-C/D Battery device adapter       $14.64

-Bubble Machine                             $43.92

-Bubble Refill x2                               $12.20

-Aloyd Balance Cushions               $24.95 (10)

-They cost $24.95, but they give a school discount if you ask. I would love 20 because there are many students that could use them, but will take as many as they could purchase since they are costly. They last for years.


2. Bev Schreiner & Wendy Girard              $440.00 (plus taxes)

-Cosco step ladders (Costco)      $40 (11)

-would like paint tray step ladders from costco. One for each house plus, Library, Tech Ed, Art room, home Ec Room plus office. The paint tray ones would be good as teachers can put items on them while they hang things.


3. Heather Fitzimmons                                  $500

-Funds to support the recycling group for crafts, supplies for cooking group and social skills group field trips.


4. Maria Weisgarber                                       $401.22 (includes shipping & taxes)

-Library bean bag chairs                                $80 (4)


5. Steve Fleck                                                    $1000 (approx)

-would like to have a behavior incentive pool party in the first week of May (one for primary, one for intermediate). For all students who avoid office referrals for hitting, hurting or insulting other students. Funds would be for bussing & admission. This is approximate as we could look into a discount or free admission to the pool and we also have $300 set aside for school bussing so this could be taken into account.


6. Donna McLachlan                                        $800.00 (plus taxes & shipping if applicable)

-Donna has submitted a list of items for the MPR. We have already set aside $2000 in the budget for gym equipment and her wishlist is for a total of $2800.


7. School                                                              $200 (approx.)

-to purchase an ice machine for ice packs for injured students


Total $3709.06 (would need to add some taxes & shipping)

Teacher Wish List – Curriculum


1. Nikki Beach/Donna McLachlan                              $1019.94

-a new kindergarten literacy program


2. Mandy Maloney                                                          $1260.00

-Guided reading pkgs Scholastic                                $1000 (10% discount)

-home/classroom readers                           $115

-Zap sciences readers (10 booklets)         $145


3. Wendy Lane                                                                  $3039.20

-Atlas du monde                                              $598.50 (19.95×30)

-Le Robert  Junior Dictionnaire                   $1946.25 (75×25.95)

-Globe                                                                  $269.70 (6×44.95)

-Thesaurus en Français pour enfants      $224.75 (25×8.99)


Total $5319.14