Around the Schools, week of May 9, 2011

From moose to Mother’s Day projects, students and staff at École Heather Park Elementary School continue to race pell-mell towards the end of the school year.  Recently an errant moose roamed on the school property, and needless to say, and from the safety of classroom windows, was the focus of excited attention.  Many students were busy creating special cards and other unique homemade treats to give to their moms.  For example, Madame Lane’s and Mr. Franz’s grade 4/5 classes built coiled flower pots from clay.  After they had been fired and then glazed, potting soil was put into the pots along with a plant. Mrs. MacLeod’s grade 2/3 class, with the help of their buddies from Mr. Franz’s class made candles.  After stringing a wick up the middle of a 1 litre milk container, ice was added.  Then molten wax was poured in and things were allowed to set.  When the container was removed and the water drained away, the results were unique-looking textured candles.  Both of these projects went home as Mother’s Day gifts.

Other upcoming activities include Mr. Laupitz’s gr. 6 students beginning their Judo lessons which will run during the entire month of May as part of their PE program.  The lessons are at the Hart Judo Centre and are taught by Bruce Kamstra.

This week, several classes attended KRSS’s theatre production of M*A*S*H—hoping to catch sight of an older sibling and/or friend performing on stage.  Everyone enjoyed witnessing all the zaniness and pranks of the Mobile Army Surgical Unit.

In lieu of taking part in the Intermediate “Pie or Be Pied” event on May 12th, Primary classes chose to raise money for cancer research by asking for donations toward cancer research in exchange for a mini pack of flower seeds.  The seed packets were available throughout the week.


Nadine Trifunovich Allen

Counsellor-Resource Teacher

Heather Park Elementary School

SD#57, Prince George

“Learning is the only thing the mind can never exhaust…never fear…and never dream of regretting.”                                       ~T. H. White