Minutes – May 11, 2011


Wednesday May 11, 2011

Lab Room 2023

Attendance: 10 parents, Steve Fleck, Dan Watt

1. Call to Order: 7:04pm

-Sally calls meeting to order

-introductions & welcome


2. Minutes

-Sally reviews

-Motion: Tami motions to accept minutes, 2nd by Jane



3. Present the agenda


4. Administrative Matters


5. Treasurer’s Report

-Leeann reviews up to date finance

-the gaming application is in for next year


6. Funding Request

-no request from teachers at this time

-Steve talks about a grade 7 event, they will be doing an idol type contest where they could lip sing to their favorite songs, and the final would be at a dance where they could come dressed up as their favorite rocker

-on June 24, they will ask for $10/student, school would be putting in money as well

-our budget has $750 allotted for a grade 7 event

-discuss the gaming funds request from Hart Highland school

-we are to send a letter to Hart Highlands, Glenview, Nukko Lake


7. PAC Executive Election

Motion: Lesley motions to hold our annual election on June 8, 2011 for the Ecole Heather Park Elementary PAC Executive, 2nd by Sarah



8. Principals Forum

-review the L&M Engineering report into parking lot/transportation issues,

-we are able to post it to our website for parents to review & comment

-at this time we still require agreement from the city, this is still in draft stages

-review from L&M Engineering the hill, play area, at the back of the school

-as Steve states the back area is a “freaking mess”

-one plan is to level the back playground area right down to the school level, put a V-shaped retaining wall up around it and put the new playground there

-projected cost of this plan is $200,000

-plan two is to level the hill area to the playground level, build stairs up from the back door, and put a smaller V-shaped retaining wall up, the new playground will go there also

-projected cost of this plan is $110,000-$140,000

-these plans are in definite draft stages

-asked Steve how we can assist in this as we do not want to hamper progress but would definitely like to push for the appropriate action

-suggested to write a letter to Bryan Mix, cc Lois Boone about playground and grounds work to support the ongoing efforts to work on the proper transition of Heather Park from a middle school to an elementary school

-review the projected class sizes for next year

-the French immersion class will not be decided until September

-English classes are also slightly lower than this year

-also gave a review of the school budget for 2011-2012 EHPE


9. Teacher Liaison

-no teacher present this evening


10. Safety Committee updates

-looks a lot better now with the new info

-gates & fencing are still in the works

-happy with lots of progress being made

-very happy with the hiring of Naomi the youth care worker

-next year we will have a plan for the students with the more serious behavior


11. DPAC & BCC PAC Update

-gave DPAC update

-Sarah went to BCC PAC AGM in Vancouver

-reviewed some events will add more to the website but had mtgs, conference, workshops, mtg with George Abbott


12. Information Dissemination

-Sports Day, now is June 17

-will let Carissa know about change in date re: criminal record check forms

-Welcome to Kindergarten Day

-Lesley to attend on behalf of PAC and give them an introduction

-Jump rope for heart May 19 1pm

Adjourn: 8:25pm