PAC Newsletter, May 16, 2011

2011 May 16 PAC Newsletter

Important Dates

  • May 17th – educational agenda, @4pm
  • May 19th – traffic safety meeting, @7pm
  • May 23rd – Victoria Day, no school
  • May 27th – Subway lunch for primary grades. Forms must be returned by 20th
  • June 3rd – Professional development day
  • June 8th – PAC Meeting
  • June 17th – Sports day
  • June 29th – Last day of school

School Plan for Student Success

Interested in a discussion around the educational agenda for the school? Join us in the library at 4pm on Tuesday, May 17th. Childcare is available.

Parking and traffic changes

The school district has contracted with L&M Engineering to produce a “Review of Pedestrian Access and Crossing” draft report, which is now available at, and in the office. In summary, there may be a sidewalk built on the north side of the bus loop, a sidewalk built along the visitor parking lot, and an exit added to the visitor parking lot. These recommendations depend on approval by the school district, and an agreement with the City. Our thanks to all those who have put a lot of effort into these issues over the year, including our Safety Committee and administration!

We are also pleased to announce that there will be a public meeting, with a representative engineer, for parent feedback – please come to the school on Thursday, May 19th, at 7pm. Childcare will be available. Feedback needs to be collected quickly in order for this work to be completed before the fall.

School Organization and Budget

At the most recent PAC meeting, we received a report from school administration about the preliminary class layout for the new school year, and a discussion on how the number of students per class affects the funding of other school support services. Of course, depending on who shows up, the entire school may need to be restructured in September. The class layout is posted on the PAC website, and currently shows 19 English classes, and either 5 or 6 French classes.

Hill Erosion and Playground

People may have noticed the erosion of the hill at the back of the school. There is a study underway to look at options for this area, which may include the placement of the second playground in this area. A preliminary suggestion of placing the second playground next to the first playground, in the bus loop, was not received favorably by school administration or parents.

Parent Advisory Council

Every parent (or guardian) of a student registered at Heather Park has a vote and a voice in the PAC. Parents have the legislated right, through the PAC, to give advice to the staff, school and school board. Parents in the school will elect a PAC executive to represent them on June 8th, and the PAC executive organizes ways for parents to meet to discuss school issues of interest and concern to parents. Even if you’re not interested in running for a position, we encourage parents to attend the elections so that the executive has the mandate of as many parents as possible. A special treat is being planned for children attending this meeting!