PAC Newsletter, May 2, 2011

2011 May 2 PAC Newsletter

Important Dates

  • May 5th – deadline for Subway Day order forms for Intermediate students
  • May 6th – Pro-D Day – no school
  • May 11th – PAC meeting
  • May 13th – Subway Day for Intermediate students
  • May 17th – educational planning discussion

PAC Meeting May 11th

Our next PAC meeting is Wednesday, May 11th.  The meeting starts at 7pm, social time starts at 6:45pm. Childcare will be available.

21st Century Learning

One of the topics being discussed in the educational planning meetings is 21st century learning, also known as Personalized Learning. We will be hearing more about this in the future, and the Ministry of Education will be putting forward more on this topic in the next few months. From the Ministry:

Imagine an education system…

  • Recognizes and responds to the uniqueness of every single learner
  • Flexibility in where, when, and how learning takes place
  • Parents are effectively engaged in their child’s learning
  • Supported by technology
  • Focused on student outcomes rather than system inputs

Safety Concerns

During school hours, the bus loop is only for buses, emergency vehicles, and students requiring handicapped parking. Additionally, please do not use the teacher parking lot for dropping off children.

What is PAC?

Parents contribute to the life and energy in schools in many ways including their involvement in the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Every parent (or guardian) can belong to and participate in the PAC. Every parent has a vote and a voice in the PAC.

Parents in the school elect a PAC executive to represent them (at our school, we will elect a new executive on June 8th for the 2011/12 year). Parents have the right, through the PAC executive, to give advice to the staff, school and school board about any matter relating to the school that is not the responsibility of the School Planning Council (SPC).

The PAC executive organizes ways for parents to meet to discuss school issues of interest and concern to parents and give input to the SPC. The principal attends the meetings and offers information that helps parents in their discussions. The executive works closely with the principal.

The PAC executive relies on the help of many parents to plan and run different activities in the school to support students, parents and staff.

Programs and Events

The Hart Community Association holds many courses and activities in our area. Current courses include Beginner’s French and Spanish, Yoga, Cartooning for Kids, Soccer, and more. For more information, see


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