PAC Newsletter, May 30, 2011

2011 May 30 PAC Newsletter in PDF format

Important Dates

  • June 3rd – Professional development day
  • June 7th – School Plan for Student Success
  • Thursday, June 9th – PAC Meeting
  • June 17th – Sports day
  • June 29th – Last day of school

PAC Meeting

The PAC meeting has been changed from Wednesday, June 8th, to Thursday, June 9th, in order not to conflict with the Stanley Cup playoffs. The meeting starts at 6:30pm. Elections will be held first, and then the rest of the meeting. Fun activities, supervision, and snacks will be provided for children from 6:30 to 8pm.

PAC Executive Job Descriptions

The Chair shall preside at meetings, speak on behalf of the Council, and perform other duties as required.

The Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence, and extra duties as required.

The Secretary ensures that members are notified of meetings, and is responsible for the minutes.

The Treasurer ensures all funds are properly accounted for, keeps record of the organization’s budget, and prepares financial reports.

The DPAC Representative and SPC Representative attend meetings of the District Parent Advisory Council or School Planning Council, and represent, speak, and vote on behalf of the Council, and report regularly. These positions may be held by other members of the executive, in addition to their other duties.

Directors shall serve in a capacity to be determined by the Council. Other positions may be added, such as an Event Coordinator.  As well, other areas may be represented by committees or working groups, such as Safety, Food, or Playground. In this past year, we have had two director positions:

The Volunteer Coordinator seeks volunteers and matches volunteers with positions.

The Communications Coordinator is responsible the website, newsletters, and emails.

Traffic Safety Meeting

At the meeting to review the proposed traffic plan, most discussion took place about the proposed exit from the visitor parking lot, and the possibility of expanding drop-off spaces. It also looks like the proposed sidewalk in the visitor parking lot would be extended to the road. As always, this plan is draft only, and is waiting for approval from the district and most importantly, from the City.

City of Prince George Neighborhoods

The City of Prince George is launching a pilot project to assist in the early stages of developing a long term neighbourhood engagement strategy. On Tuesday June 14th, from 7 to 8pm, in the multi-purpose room, members of Council will be meeting with residents in the Hart area.  This will serve as an opportunity to update groups on City priority projects and core focus areas, and seek advice and opinions from residents on how the City can work with them to meet their neighbourhood goals.

School Plan for Student Success

Interested in a discussion around the educational agenda for the school? Join us in the library at 4pm on Tuesday, June 7th. Childcare is available.