Parking Lot and Bus Loop Changes: Your Opportunity for Input

Traffic Study – full version – in colour – as PDF

Note from Principal Steve Fleck: On Wednesday, we shared the linked DRAFT proposal from L&M Engineering.   Moving ahead with these designs to improve traffic and pedestrian movement on our grounds is dependent on senior admin approval and negotiation with the City of Prince George.

One of the most important activities of the Parent Advisory Council this year has been in advocating for traffic and safety improvements, as a result of the conversion from a middle school to an elementary school.  We thank the school district for contracting with L&M Engineering to produce a “Review of Pedestrian Access and Crossing” draft report, which is now available at, and in the office.

We want to make sure that the school community has an opportunity to make any comments or suggestions regarding this report and recommendations. Please submit any comments to us by May 23rd. The PAC executive and the Safety committee will be advocating on behalf of parents.

Please note that this report is a draft, is pending an agreement with the City, and has not as yet received final approval by the school district.

There are three main improvements detailed in the full report, complete with pictures and diagrams. For this summary, we have pulled out the major points:

  1. Bus loop sidewalk: a sidewalk would be built on the north side of the north bus loop. This would allow for pedestrian access on sidewalks from the north, and allow for buses to be loaded and unloaded on this side of the bus loop. Estimated cost: $25,000.
  2. Parking lot sidewalk: a sidewalk would be built to the west of the parent parking lot, to allow people leaving their vehicles a safe path to the school. Existing light standards would need to be moved, and a storm sewer may need to be moved. Estimated cost: $27,000.
  3. Parking lot secondary exit: add an exit to Heather Park Road to the parent parking lot, to be separated from the bus lane from a barrier. The north curb of the bus loop would be moved further north to allow buses to negotiate the turn, and a crosswalk would be moved. Estimated cost: $24,000 to $34,000, depending on barrier option chosen.

If you have any comments to make on this report, there are a variety of ways to get your comments in:

There is also a study being conducted in regards to the erosion issues in the back area of the school, which is also looking at appropriate placement of a second playground. We look forward to updating the school community when more information is available about this.