School newsletter, May 2, 2011

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As many of you have noticed we have erosion happening on the back of the school. We have had the school district out to assess the situation. In the meantime we are asking all parents and students to
stay away from the back of the fence near the soccer field area.
We are still accepting applications for Grade 4 – 7’s  for next September. Applications are in the office or contact Bev Schreiner at 250-962-1811 or
We would like to remind all students to treat our  washrooms with respect.   Parents and students expressed concerns about  how to keep hands clean and avoid illness without soap.  For our part, the school will make sure the soap is topped up all the time.  It would be great if parents could reinforce the importance of hand-washing and keeping our washrooms clean.

This week primary students will be attending a Pool party at the Aquatic Center from 12:30 to 2:30pm. We need Parent/Guardians to help out, both in and out of the pool.   Contact Bev Schreiner at 250-962-1811 or if you can help.  Please make sure you have your Criminal Record Check done.  You may check with Mrs. Goldie in the office. We have been promoting the qualities of having good values within the school.  Kindergarten students will not be attending – instead, their teachers will be organizing a special day later in the month.  So far, all other primary students are still eligible to attend.
It is still possible for kindergarten students to transfer into French Immersion in the grade one year.  French Immersion is a great program that provides numerous educational benefits to students and families.  For more information, please contact Mr. Fleck in our office.
To raise money for Relay for Life and do our part in the fight against cancer Heather Park is holding a pie or be pied event on May 12th.  Tickets will be on sale the week of May 9th for $1.00.  Students
with winning tickets will have the choice of what they wish to do with the pie; throw pie a teacher or have their teacher pie them!  We invite parents and friends to join us for this event.  Let’s help to
beat cancer!
May  4          Masich Place Relays
May 5           Primary Swimming  Gr. 1 -3
May 6           Pro D Day – No School
May 12        Pie In the Face Cancer Fundraiser
May 13        Intermediate Swim Gr. 4 – 7
May 13        Subway Lunch for Intermediates
May 13         Jump Rope for Heart