School renovations and improvements

The school is undergoing some additional improvements – some of which will be completed by the first day of school, and some which won’t.

The first priority for completion is changes to the bus lane exit and a cross walk at the end of the visitor parking lot – there will now be a slightly raised 8 foot wide sidewalk crossing between the bus lane and the parking lot. This sidewalk will connect to the street sidewalk. There will also be a dedicated spot for turning around in the visitor parking lot, for use when the parking lot turns out to be full.



The second priority is for a sidewalk along the north side of the bus lane.This will allow our students another safe way to enter the school grounds, if they have been dropped off, or are walking from the Kelly Road side. A lockable gate is also being added to the bus lane to help keep vehicles out.

The third priority is for a sidewalk to be installed on the west side of the visitor parking lot, which will mean the light standards being moved. This is unlikely to happen by the beginning of school, but is expected to be completed by the end of September. This sidewalk will also extend to a sidewalk on the road.

Other improvements include a 4 level, multi-tiered flight of stairs to the new playground in the back, new fencing around the front playground, removal of lockers in pod B, and additional sinks for hand washing in the pods on the first floor.