Today’s School Newsletter

Newsletter_Sept_8_2011 – PDF copy

The staff at Heather Park was very excited to welcome our new and returning students. In April, we planned for a school enrolment of 585. As of today, there are 603 children registered at our school – 85 of them in kindergarten. This represents a big change in our school population. Last year, there were close to 700, with more than 160 grade seven students. This year our grade enrolments are more balanced, with about 75 students in each grade from K to 7. The school has a decidedly younger feel to it and we are looking forward to watching these changes evolve over the year.
Expectations for Parents and Visitors
This year we are asking all parents and volunteers to report to the office when arriving and departing from the building. Students must sign in at the office when they arrive late. Parents arriving in the middle of the day should come to the office BEFORE going to a child’s classroom.
Safety Information:
In the event of an Emergency ALL visitors must proceed immediately to the nearest exit and evacuate the building and go directly to the corner of the school by the Staff Parking lot and check in with Mrs. Mummery (Secretary).
Medical Alert Concerns/Anaphylaxis
Any students with life threatening medical conditions should please contact Mrs. Schreiner in the office to set up an appointment to discuss safety plans for your child at school.
Bell Schedule
Our bell schedule is a little different this year. We will not be having recess during teacher job action, and therefore the day will be shortened by 15 minutes.
8:45 First Bell
8:50 Class Begins –
12:00 Students Begin Eating Lunch
12:15 Students go outside
12:40 End of Lunch Bell
12:45 Afternoon Class Begins
2:20 Dismissal

Hockey Academy
The Hockey Academy students will have their first ice time on Wednesday September 15th. Hockey Meeting: Monday September 13th, at 7:00pm in the Library. There will be a newsletter sent home soon.
Students with classrooms on the second floor will be receiving a lock and locker on Friday. Students with combinations locks should bring them tomorrow. Those who do not have a lock will be given one and billed $5.00. Please see the attached form for school fees options.
Verification Forms
We will be sending home student information verification sheets to be completed by all parents. It is VERY IMPORTANT to fill these sheets in carefully. We use this information to provide help and safety for all children.
Parents of students with Aboriginal Ancestry are asked to pay close attention to the check the box on this form. Parents who identify their children with Aboriginal Heritage will be contacted by staff at our school to offer additional support and service to children. Parents will be given the opportunity to decide what kind and level of support they would like for their children.
Feel free to contact the school and talk to Mr. Fleck, Mrs. Senger or Naiomi McKinon at our school. The phone number is 250 962 1811.

Construction around the school
As you may have noticed there is a lot of construction going on around the school and the school grounds. Please take extra caution in and around the school with the equipment. Sidewalks are being completed as well as upgrades to the back of the school. We will also be getting sinks in the primary section of the school, as well as a set of stairs from the south exit of the building up to our NEW PLAYGROUND!!
We are very excited about these changes and look forward to completion around the end of September.

This year we will be going paperless as of October 1st. We will be posting our newsletters on the website We are doing our part to go green. If you do require paper copy, you will have to send in your child’s name, teacher’s name.
School Reorganization
We are in the last stages of finalizing students in the classes. We have appreciated your input and patience during this process. We have been advised by the senior administration of our school district that we must create a new class or more quite a few students into the intermediate classes. This change is required to meet legal district class size averages for SD57.
We are looking forward to a fun and amazing year. As always, each year brings new challenges and together with the cooperation of all we will achieve great things.
Sept. 25 Terry Fox Run
Sept. 21 PAC Mtg. 6:45 pm Upstairs
Oct. 3 Mountain West – Individual Pictures