Minutes of October General PAC Meeting

Wednesday October 19, 2011
Computer Room
Attendance: 15 parents

  1. Call to order: 7:00 pm
  2. Minutes
    • September 21, 2011 minutes reviewed by Lesley
    • Motion: Michelle moved to approve minutes, seconded by Tanya. Carried
  3. Admin Matters
    • Lesley reviews the standard admin procedures for PAC meetings including posting of minutes on the website, Roberts Rules of Order, format of motions, parking lot, additions to agenda etc.
  4. Safety Committee
    • Tami provided a verbal and written update
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    • Leeann reviews financial status as of September 30, 2011. No issues.
    • Reviewed a number of Spending requests:
    • Motion: LeeAnn moved that the PAC create a Financial Review committee consisting of 1 Exec member and up to 2 General members who will review the PAC accounts 2 times during the year. Seconded by Tami. Carried.
      Pam, Sarah and Tanya volunteered to be on the committee.
    • Motion: LeeAnn moved that the PAC reimburse Wendy Girard for $99.18 for a variety of teaching support items. Seconded by Michelle. Carried
    • Motion: LeeAnn moved that the PAC provides $325 to Mr. Marchlewitz to purchase Hexbug supplies to support the school Hexbug Nano club. Seconded by Sarah. Carried.
    • Motion: Yvonne moved that the PAC provide funding to purchase 11 step ladders with trays for $39.99 each plus tax for a total cost of approximately $500. The ladders will be used throughout the school as needed. Seconded by Tami. Carried.
    • Motion: Yvonne moved that the PAC spend up to $500 to buy supplies for the concession for the upcoming movie night and volleyball tournament. Seconded by Tami. Carried.
    • Discussion over the proposed Grade 2 skating program for the school. The school currently has access to a number of free ice times at the Elkcentre through the Hockey Academy arrangement. The school would like to adopt a fully coached/certified Canskate Learn to skate program for every Grade 2 student, as an annual program into future years. Each Grade 2 student will receive Canskate membership, 4-6 coached lessons, skate rentals if needed, during school hours. The total cost of the program will be about $30 per student.
    • Motion: Yvonne moved that the PAC provide $750 to assist in funding this year’s school Grade 2 Canskate program. Meggan seconded. Carried.
    • Discussed a recent letter from the Two Rivers Art Gallery offering a one year School membership to the Art Gallery. The cost is $75 and gives each student a 25% discount on school visits to the gallery. Steve indicated that teachers had expressed limited interest in the membership. The topic was tabled for a future meeting if interest arose.
  6. Principals Report
    • Hole in the front of the school has been filled
    • Construction of the stairs in the back of the school is a work in progress.
    • Turnaround in the Visitors parking lot has been painted
    • Parents at the meeting expressed appreciation for how teachers are still providing good feedback and communication even though the Job Action is going on.
    • Choir is going well. Thanks to Mme Shaw for her work on this. The choir will perform at the school Remembrance day assembly on November 10, and at a multi-school event at Vanier Hall on the evening of November 22, 23 or 24.
  7. Teachers Forum
    • No teachers present at the meeting
  8. DPAC Update
    • Sarah provided a verbal and written update
  9. Upcoming Events
    • October 20 – Volleyball Day at the school
    • October 28 – Downstairs Pizza Day
    • tbd – Halloween Jack-o-lantern day
    • November 4 – Movie Night
    • December 15 – Christmas Soiree
    • Also, a free session on internet safety, or other parent related topic may be scheduled for November. The BCTF provides these sessions.
  10. Playground Update
    • A few members of PAC have had a preliminary meeting with Steve Fleck and Barry Beppel from the school district with regards to additional playgrounds at the school. There is general support from Administration to increase the amount of play structures. Discussion over whether the PAC should continue on with these discussion. There was general agreement that the PAC should continue to pursue playground discussions. Any big decisions or spending decisions should be made by PAC.
  11. Fundraising
    • Discussed the proposed Fundraising plan. Upcoming Fundraising plans for the fall include the online Purdy’s and Regal fundraisers in early November, as well as a Christmas Shopping Night at Shhhh on Wednesday November 23. There was general endorsement for the plan.
    • Other fundraising options for parents are Boston Pizza fundraiser (Get your bill stamped while at Boston Pizza, Bring it into the school and Boston Pizza will pay 5% of your bill to the PAC). Dominos order codes (#307512 and #327612), Bringing in you Canadian Tire money and Campbell Soup labels, and donating your bottles to the PAC account at the Hart Bottle Depot.
  12. PAC 2011/2012 Direction
    • Tabled to future meeting.
  13. Parked Items
    • None
  14. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm
    • Next Meeting October 16 at 6:45 pm in the Computer Room