Reports from November General PAC Meeting

Here are the reports from the general PAC meeting held on November 16.

These reports are also available for download in pdf format Treasurers Report November 2011, Safety Update November 2011, DPAC Report November 2011, and Background on Incorporation as a Society.

October 1 – 31, 2011
Heather Park PAC
Prepared by: Leeann Poppleton

General Account Monthly Activity





Opening Balance


Hot Lunch






Support Staff – Girard


Movie/Concession Expenses


Volleyball Tourny Concession


Movie Night Concession


Movie Night Door Admission



Terry Fox – Popsicle Sticks




Bank Fee


Account Interest






Gaming Account Monthly Activity





Opening Balance


Hex Bug Club Start-up


Skating Program – Gr 2’s


Bank Fee


Account Interest






Outdoor Reserve

$5,000.00 (Gaming)

PAC Safety Committee Report

  • We continue to see improvements around the school.
  • November’s safety check of the school showed less clutter in the halls and stairways, and some repaired fencing. We are still waiting for signage so that the gate at the bus loop can be put into use, and for the stairs at the back of the school to be completed.
  • We would like to remind everyone to ensure that you wear footwear in the school including those accessing the Strong Start and preschool/daycare programs. In the event of a school evacuation there will not be time for individuals to stop and put on their footwear.
  • Now that winter has arrived, please be sure to send all students dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • A member of our group has been working with Steve to continue to improve the security of the school by working on updating the school lock down procedures in the event that the school is in a threatening situation.
  • We continue to work on filling the safe start mornings with volunteers.
  • We have added some updates to the parking letter so that school administration can use it if they like.
  • We have been attempting to discuss with city staff improvements to snow removal around our school and we remain hopeful that there will be improvements this winter.
  • We would like to remind everyone that there is a link on the school website to report safety concerns:
  • Please remember to sign in at the office and pick up your volunteer tag if you are in the school during school hours to volunteer. It is important to ensure that you will be accounted for in the event of a school evacuation and that regular school members recognize that you are in the school with a purpose. If you are in the school during an evacuation please ensure that you proceed to the far side of the bus loop and that you report to the muster captain that you have made it out of the building.

DPAC report to École Heather Park PAC
The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meets the first Monday of each month at Van Bien at 7pm, and all parents are welcome. In addition to representation from various schools, we also have reports from the superintendent, a trustee, the PGDTA (Prince George District Teachers Association), PGPVA (principals and vice principals), CUPE, sometimes the District Student Advisory Council. Visit for more information.
There are two areas to report on from DPAC, the district level and the provincial level.

District level

  • Sarah Holland is currently the interim chair of DPAC due to Don Sabo’s candidacy.
  • Discussion of activities at various schools – delay in modular installations, recess issues, district resource centre and resources of parents.
  • Report from superintendent on student violent risk assessment, report cards, teacher’s act and BCCT, BC Education Plan. Full report available on DPAC website.
  • PGDTA reported on professional development days, and gave numbers as to classes that are currently being grieved for having over 3 students with individual education plans (see DPAC website). In response to a question, Matt Pierce welcomed discussions around teacher assessment and evaluation.
  • Again, teachers are being encouraged to communicate with parents, even during the strike.
  • All candidates forum was held November 9th at PG Playhouse. Better audience than for previous 2 elections, not a lot of parents there. Video is available on DPAC website.
  • Vote! You can vote this Saturday, Nov 19th, at Kelly Road school.

Provincial level

    There is a lot of activity at the provincial level that you may be hearing about in the news:

  • Labour negotiations:
  • CUPE is still negotiating their contract. Communication from DPAC CUPE rep from Nov 7th: “the next two weeks are crucial…the bargaining committee has received approval from all presidents in the province to proceed to a province-wide strike mandate if there is no progress in the next two weeks.”
  • BCTF is in negotiations with BCSPEA (BC Public School Employers’ Association), currently in first phase of job action, also known as a strike. The DPAC website has more information about the current request to the labour relations board.
  • BCTF in consultation process with Ministry of Education, as a result of court case over bills 27 and 28. These relate to class size and composition being stripped from teacher bargaining process without consultation.
  • Legislation was introduced regarding the BC College of Teachers (BCCT). Under the proposed legislation, there will be a B.C. Teachers’ Council with the responsibility to establish standards for teacher certification, conduct and competence, and the authority to approve teacher education programs for certification purposes. The Ministry of Education will assume responsibility for administrative functions currently performed by the B.C. College of Teachers such as issuing teaching certificates and maintaining discipline registries. “It is regrettable that the voice of teachers will be diminished on the new BC Teachers’ Council, but a new clarity on the body’s mandate is welcome, BC Teachers’ Federation President Susan Lambert said today.”
  • “B.C. has a strong education system, but there is no denying that our world is changing rapidly. New jobs are constantly being created, and technology is changing the way we communicate and connect with each other. We need to modernize the way students are educated so they are prepared for the world, not only as it is now, but will be in the future.” Visit website and send them feedback!

Background on Incorporation as a Society
This originally came out of a DPAC training session in 2010, where it was recommended by a lawyer that PACs incorporate as a society to help protect volunteers.

Background – what is a society?

  • A legally incorporated organization – a non-profit society – is a separate legal entity.
  • This would not mean incorporation as a charity, as that would have quite a number of filing requirements and administration.

Why would one form a society?

  • With any luck, there will be no need to form a society, as everything will go well.
  • However, if something goes wrong, then it protects the volunteers (especially the executive). As a random example, let’s say someone mistakenly orders 10,000 t-shirts, and we end up with a bill for $60,000 that we have no way of paying. Right now, the executive would be personally liable for debts or liabilities of the PAC – that’s jointly and severally liable – even if we have behaved responsibly.
  • As a society, if the PAC were to be successfully sued, the only funds available to satisfy the claim are the society’s.
  • Incorporating as a society would not protect someone who has done something illegal.
  • The more money we handle, the more activities we do, and the larger the school, the more the risk increases.

Negatives to forming society:

  • Need to pay $25 annual filing fee, and need to send in filing fee and updated list of directors each year
    have been quoted a maximum fee of $500 for incorporation of society from lawyer, but could do it ourselves for a $30 name fee and $100 first time filing fee
  • Directors need to have their addresses listed on the annual report
  • Minor changes to bylaws – separate constitution from bylaws, some wording changes.

Do you need to file financial statements?

  • A society only has to file and have audited annual financial statements if they are a “reporting society”, which has the “purpose of carrying on a business trade industry profession for profit or gain”. This would not be us.
  • What a non-reporting society needs to do is present financial statements before each AGM, which we already do. Financial statements do not need to be filed with the government, but need to be made public upon request.