Report from French Immersion Parent Discussion Night

On the evening of January 31st, the school administration held a meeting with parents to discuss the program structure for next year. This was a preliminary meeting, and another meeting is being planned for April, when the school will know more about registration and teacher status.

There was some background given, a look at last year and beyond. This year, the school has been pleased to add a bilingual component to assemblies, and notes that there are just below 600 students enrolled at the school. There are also just over 100 students enrolled in the Strong Start program. In 2011/12, there are some 110 French immersion students. Last year, there were some 14 students enrolled in kindergarten, and this year there were 28 students. There are two class rooms that are being used for support purposes at the school that can go back to being class rooms, as the school is looking to grow the French immersion program.

We have a good dual track immersion program, excellent teachers, a very involved local community, and some real progress has been made with the school since the transition from a middle school.

For next year, the school is looking at a program breakdown as seen in the attached PDF:


This shows a straight K class, a K/1 split, a 1/2 split, a 2/3 split, a 4/5 split, and a 6/7 split. The 6/7 split is small, at 16 students, but it is felt that this is the best option.

The school administration is discussing with the teachers who will be teaching what grade, and will be able to talk publicly about this in April. At the moment, it looks like there wouldn’t necessarily be changes in the early grades, but there are ongoing discussions with the teachers of the older students about changing things up, as ideally, a teacher wouldn’t be teaching the same students for multiple consecutive years. Mr. Fleck stated that the school administration will do everything they can do have good conversations with the teachers, and praised their great professionalism.

Parents had the opportunity to ask questions, and a good discussion was had.