Rick Hansen Relay Invitation

Did you know that the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay is coming to Prince George next week?

Rick Hansen himself will be in town on Monday, March 19th, as follows:

The relay officially leaves Prince George on Thursday, March 22nd.

The 25th Anniversary Relay has been retracing the Canadian segment of the original Tour, but this time one man in motion will be represented and celebrated by many in motion; engaging 7,000 participants from across Canada to serve as medal bearers. In populated areas, Medal-Bearers will carry the Rick Hansen Medal using a variety of modes of movement, with each Medal-Bearer covering an average distance of 250 metres.

There are approximately 50 people who have been chosen to be medal bearers on the Prince George section of the route, and these people can share their journey with friends and family.

I have been fortunate to have been chosen as a medal bearer on Thursday, March 22nd, and I’d like to invite members of the Heather Park school family to join me on my route. If you’d like to participate, I will be running/walking along 7th Avenue, from Vancouver Street to Winnipeg Street, at approximately 10:45am (but be there earlier!). Please email me at sarah@sbkc.me – I’d like to encourage our kids to know more about a real Canadian hero, and about his goals of making the world more accessible and inclusive.

Thank you,

Sarah Holland