Playground Enhancement Options

Here are the two play structure options presented at the PAC meeting on Wednesday evening. These play structures would be installed in the front of the school in the primary play area. They would be installed to the north-west of the existing play structure between the picnic benches and the existing play structure.

Note that in both images the structure on the right hand side is the existing structure.

Option 1

Oriented to young children. Focuses on imaginative play for kids from the day care, Strong Start, and K to grade 2 programs. Cost will be approximately $23,500 installed.

Option 2

Oriented to slightly older children. Focuses on climbing play for kids in K to grade 3. Cost will be approximately $20,500 installed.

Accessible Play

We are also looking at options for providing a wheelchair accessible play area for students. There are significant challenges to doing that because of the lack of reasonably level ground around the school. We had a meeting with the playground consultant and school district personnel yesterday and discussed a couple of options for providing wheelchair accessible play. Those options will be presented and discussed at the next PAC meeting.

Next Steps

We will need to make a decision on which option to pursue at the next PAC meeting in May. Following that the plan will be presented to the Ed Services Committee of the Board of Education for endorsement and then presented for formal approval to the Board.

We are looking for feedback from the school community prior to the May PAC meeting. You can provide your input by making a comment on this website, or by emailing

Please also come out for the next PAC meeting, currently scheduled for May 16, to help us make the decision. Note that the date for the next PAC meeting may have to be changed so we can meet the deadline for the May meeting of the Ed Services Committee. If we have to adjust our meeting schedule to meet the timeline to get the approvals in place before the end of the school year, we will publish a new date as soon as we can. Please watch the website for any changes to the meeting date.