School Evacuation — May 30

Today at about 1:30 PM, we had numerous reports from around the school that people smelled natural gas. On the advice of staff at Fortis and our own school district office, we evacuated the building for about 20 minutes while we confirmed that the smell was not coming from a leak on our property. Fortis was finally able to tell us that a gas line had been damaged on Heather Park Road. We are told it was safe to go back inside the school if we closed the windows. All students were back in the building before 2:00 PM.
In an unrelated matter, there was an ambulance at the school around 2:00 PM to take a student to the hospital who was suffering from a pre-existing medical problem. The student is in the hospital now and receiving medical care from doctors.
We would like to thank the staff and students for their mature response to today’s surprise commotion.