PAC General Meeting Agenda – June 20, 2012

École Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council Meeting Agenda
Wednesday June 20, 2012
École Heather Park Elementary – Computer Room

6:45 – 7:00pm social
7:00 – 8:30pm meeting

  1. Call to Order, welcome & introductions (2mins)
  2. Review of minutes (3mins)
    • review & approval of minutes from May 16th meeting
  3. Administrative Information (3mins)
    • minutes are unapproved until next meeting when they will then be posted as approved
    • agenda and minutes will be posted to the website no later than the Monday preceding the next scheduled PAC mtg
    • parking lot, items or issues that arise but cannot be addressed properly due to time restraints will be “parked” until new business at the end or will be then tabled until the next meeting
    • Roberts Rules of Order to be used
    • meeting to be adjourned at 8:30pm
  4. Treasurer’s Report & Funding Requests (3mins)
    • review of treasurer’s report
    • any funding requests
  5. Playground Update (5mins)
    • Little Shippy approved
    • Cindy White to discuss accessible playground working group
  6. PAC Meeting improvements (5mins)
    • how can we make the meetings better?
  7. Elections of PAC Executive for 2012/2013 school year
    • review executive positions
    • Motion for election
    • Steve & Joanne to be scrutineers
  8. Safety Committee Update (3mins)
  9. DPAC update (5mins)
  10. Principal’s Forum (10mins)
  11. Teacher’s Forum (5mins)
  12. Fund raising Update (3mins)
    • student school supplies packages
  13. Upcoming Events/Volunteering Opportunities (2mins)
    • Thursday June 21 – Grade 7 Dance
    • Wednesday June 27 – Last day of instruction, Primary awards @ 9:30, Intermediate @ 1pm
  14. Parked Items/New Business (5mins)
  15. Adjourn – Next meeting September!