PAC General Meeting Agenda – September 19, 2012

École Heather Park PAC Meeting Agenda
Wednesday September 19 2012
Computer Room beside the Library
6:45pm – 8:30pm

Downloadable pdf version available here

Type of Meeting: General Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Lesley – Chair

  1. Call to Order (3mins)
  2. Welcome & Introductions (3mins)
  3. Administrative Matters (3mins)
    • minutes are unapproved until next meeting when they will then be posted as approved
    • agenda and minutes will be posted to the website no later than the Monday preceding the next scheduled PAC mtg
    • parking lot, items or issues that arise but cannot be addressed properly due to time restraints will be “parked” until new business at the end or will be then tabled until the next meeting
    • Roberts Rules of Order to be used
    • meeting to be adjourned at 8:30pm
    • Format on meetings: Discussion, Consensus, Motion, Vote
    • September & October meetings to be on 3rd Wednesday, rest of year will be on 3rd Thursday of each month
  4. Approval of Minutes (5mins)
    • approval of previous meeting’s minutes
  5. New Business (10mins)
    • Online Store (dates)
    • magnets
    • food safe course October 19
    • teacher survey’s
  6. Upcoming Events/Volunteering Opportunities (5mins)
  7. September October
    -Friday 21 Terry Fox Run -Monday 1 Picture Day
    -Tuesday 25 F&V Baby Carrots -Wednesday 10 Early Dismissal @ 1:30
    -Thursday 27 Library Book sale -Thursday 11 Early Dismissal @ 1:30
    -Thursday 27 Open House -Friday 12 Hot Lunch (Tim Hortons) Upstairs
    -Friday 28 PJ Day (Theme day) -Tuesday 16 F&V Organic Mixed Apples
    -Thursday 18 Volleyball Tournament
    -Friday 19 Food safe Course (NID)
  8. Treasurer’s Report (10mins)
    • Review request from Mr. Marchlewitz
    • Motion: to purchase bananas to give out to students after the Terry Fox Run up to an amount of $150.
    • Motion: to purchase sandwich orders for hot lunch for October 12 up to an amount of $1500.
    • Motion: to purchase magnets to go home will students up to an amount of $500. *We are also looking to have money donated for them from businesses.
    • Motion: to purchase supplies for the concession for the October 18 Volleyball tournament up to $250.
    • Motion: to purchase t-shirts for kindergarten and new students in 2013-2013. Up to $1000.
    • Motion: to support school wide theme days with PAC funds. $150/theme day for a total of $600.
  9. 2012 – 2013 Budget Review (10 mins)
  10. Positive Behaviour Support (10mins) – Mr. Fleck
  11. Safety Report (5mins)
  12. DPAC Update (5mins)
  13. Principal’s Forum (10mins)
  14. Teacher’s Forum (5mins)
  15. Fund raising Update (5mins)
    • Purdy’s
    • Regal
  16. Open Business/Parked Items
  17. Adjourn – Next Meeting Wednesday October 17 @ 6:45pm