Primary Students Practice Playing Safely

On Monday Jan 14, all downstairs classes – mostly grades K-2 — assembled in the gym to kick off a month long campaign to reduce “hands on” behaviour and promote respectful problem-solving on the playground. The assembly included skits performed by older students in grades 6 and 7 with Mr. Fleck and Mme Shaw to highlight problems that happen when students play too rough or try to solve problems by using their hands.

From January 14 to February 8, we will follow up the assembly by teaching and working with students to promote and reinforce positive interactions and reduce “hands on” behaviour. We will make a visual reminder by adding a link to paper chains hung from the second floor railing under each teacher’s name when their classes have a full day without any student being referred to the office for “hands on” problems.

There will be weekly rewards for all classes who go 5/5 without problems. Rewards will include special activities in the gym on at lunch. The challenge will reset each Monday. At the end of the month we would like to do an afternoon activity with all students that have avoided more than one office referral.
Each week there will be a theme promoted to remind students how to play safe and avoid “hands on” problems.

Week 1: Follow the Rules

Week 2: When playing and talking, SHOW RESPECT.

Week 3: When there is a problem, USE YOUR WORDS, not your hands.

Week 4: If you cannot solve a problem with your words, ASK FOR HELP.

We would appreciate if parents could help reinforce these ideas by asking children how things are going each day.