Monday Primary Assembly Themes

Today all primary students gathered in the gym to talk about Earth Day and our positive behaviour theme “Celebrating Me“.  Ask your children about Mr. Fleck’s story about the Lion and the Mouse.  The message in the story is how being small does not prevent us from making a difference.  We tried to connect this idea with Earth Day by asking students how they can make a difference in our school and community.

We asked students to ask themselves, “What can I do…???…to help my friends…to be my very best…to clean up the planet…to help my family?”  We will continue to ask students this same question for the rest of the year to help them focus on taking responsibility and thinking about how to put thoughts into actions.

Building on our “Celebrating Me” Mrs. Wyer’s and Mrs. Radway’s class gave a surprise performance of the Will I Am song — What I Am.  Click this link to check out the video.  What I am!