Heather Park Hockey Program – Registration Information Update

After discussions with parents and staff we made an important adjustment to our registration requirement for new students who want to join our Hockey Program for the first time in 2013-2014. Instead of requiring that new players have “at least one year of organized hockey experience” we will accept new players to join as long as they are able to skate confidently and have some experience playing hockey. This means new students are expected to skate forward at a decent speed, stop without falling, know how to handle a hockey stick and understand the basics of the game. They do not need (as previously mentioned) to have played organized minor hockey. But in fairness to the teacher coaches and other players on the ice, new players cannot be absolute beginners. However, if there is an interest next year, we will consider opening the 2014-2015 program to brand new and beginning players.

This is a reminder that the online registration form for new players will open to parents on May 8 at 8 PM on the Heather Park Hockey Program webpage. Anyone who does not have Internet access is invited to come to Heather Park on May 8 at 7:45 PM to use computers in our library to register their children.