Minutes of April General PAC Meeting

Here are the minutes of the general PAC meeting held on April 18, 2013.

École Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting
Minutes for Wednesday, April 18, 2013
Computer Room
Attendance: 13 Parents, 4 guests

  1. Call to order: 7:05 PM
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Administrative Matters
    • Reviewed standard admin procedures for PAC meetings including posting of minutes on PAC website, Roberts Rules of Order, format of MOTIONs , ‘parked’ items, invitation for additions to agenda, etc.
  4. Approval of Minutes
    • Minutes of March, 2013 meeting were reviewed
    • Two corrections: Total student enrollment should be 560, not 619. Also, PACs can apply to DPAC’s for funding, not BCCPAC
    • Motion: Approve as corrected by Cindy. Seconded by Jane. Carried
  5. New Business
    • Hot Lunch –Raised the idea of purchasing an online Hot Lunch ordering program for 2013/14 Hot lunches. The software costs about $350, and would allow families the option of viewing, ordering and purchasing hot lunches online instead of through paper and cash. Paper forms and cash would still be an option to accommodate families without credit cards/internet. This would be a timesaving option for the PAC. It was suggested that collecting paper forms for multiple hot lunches (ie 2-3 months in one form) could also help save volunteer time. PG Web Design may also have a similar program. This was tabled for a future meeting.
    • Canadian Parents for French – Patricia asked about initiating a Canadian Parents for French Chapter in Prince George. Patricia has been directly involved in the association in previous years and there are a number of benefits to being part of the organization. A PG group would also be open to all French schools (DP Todd, LDB, ECHE etc). Patricia will look into this further and find out more information, so we can look at moving forward with this.
  6. Treasurers Report
    • Treasurers Report was prepared for the meeting but we are unable to distribute it due to printer issues.
    • Final profits from the Raffle were $14,100. This has been transferred to the Playground Account
    • Motion: PAC to provide $164 to Strong Start for Ruggles the Clown and Magician on June 6. Moved by Tammy, Seconded by Sarah, Carried
  7. Safety Report.
    • The frost is now gone, and the school is looking at installing improved signage for Disabled Parking, Entrance to the Bus loop, and Speed restrictions.
  8. Positive Behavior Support.
    • There will be two main themes for the remainder of the year. The Primary students will be focussing on “Celebrate Me” (looking at positive ways to celebrate positive things) and the Intermediates will focus on “Relationships” (constructive, positive, respectful etc.)
  9. Mathletics
    • Dawn Proctor runs the Mathletics program at the school and came to give parents an update. All students have a password and an account to the online Mathletics program Mathletics.ca The website provides interactive and fun reinforcement of math skills learned in the classroom. This year all K-7 students at Heather Park have access and approximately 1/3 of these students are using it regularly at home and school. This was a pilot project to see if the program was effective, and how well it was used. Because there is a cost for each student, the school is looking at where the best returns were on the investment. Next year the Mathletics program will likely be focussed on the Grade 2-5 students as this was the highest use group. A number of successes have been observed through the Mathletics site, including a 41% increase in comprehensive of Math facts since the beginning of the year. There is a Mathletics club Tuesday at lunch. There is also an app for iphones and Adroids. Razkids is also a reading program associated with the site. Steve and Dawn will discuss how to best encourage use in the last 2.5 month of school. PAC was very appreciative of Dawn’s work on the program and the school’s investment in the program and was very happy to provide support if it was requested.
  10. District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)
    • Sarah provided an update from DPAC. The AGM will be held May 8th. We are still looking for a Heather Park rep on DPAC. BCCPAC meeting is scheduled for May 3-5.
  11. Principal’s Form: Positive Behaviour Support
    • Steve Fleck spoke about the new Explorations and Hockey Programs planned for 2013/14. Two afternoons a week, students will have the option of joining Hockey Academy, or participating in an Exploration Session (90 minutes per session). There will be 3 consecutive 6 week Exploration Sessions and students will be able to preregister for 3 different ones, based on their choices (eg Outdoor Ed, Foods, textiles, Robotics, Cooking, Music, Computers etc. These are all to be confirmed). Remedial Math and Writing/Reading will also be options. Grade 4 and 5 English and French, will be grouped together and Grade 6 and 7 English and French will be grouped together for these sessions.
    • Hockey Academy will be free in 2013/14 and will be considered a “class” with a qualified teacher. There is room for 30 Grade 4 or 5 students and 30 Grade 6 or 7 students.
    • Classroom teachers will focus on core academic subjects
    • More information on all this will be available at the upcoming evening meeting on Hockey Academy and Explorations
  12. Teacher’s Forum
    • No teachers were present
  13. Cultural Days
    • A cultural awareness day is being planned for May 16. The intent of the day is to increase awareness and appreciation of culture and cultural differences. Some cultural performances as well as a cultural snack are being planned. The Immigration Ministry is also providing funding. PAC was very supportive and appreciative of the work that goes into this, and volunteered to provide assistance if needed.
  14. Open Business / Parked Items
    • none

Adjourned 8:35 PM – Next Meeting: Thursday May 16 at 7:00, Computer Room