Minutes of May General PAC Meeting

Here are the minutes of the general PAC meeting held on May 16, 2013.

Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
General Meeting – Minutes for
Thursday, May 16, 2013
Computer Room

Attendance: 9 Parents, 1 guests: Mr. Fleck

  1. Called to order – 7:15pm
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Administrative Matters
    • Reviewed PAC definition, Roberts Rules of Order, format of motions parking lot’, minutes etc
  4. Approval of Minutes
    • Minutes for April 18, 2013 were reviewed
    • MOTION: Cindy moved to approve the minutes . Seconded by Jane . Carried.
  5. New Business
    • Discussion – is there an ability to put other things in the school ground for little kids, such as hopscotch in front of school – is it possible to draw on fire lane area? – Steve to look into
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    • Pamela unable to attend. Financial reports from March and April were distributed.
  7. Safety Update
    • Floating garbage can
    • Fire inspection & drill – only 20% of walls should be covered with papers, will be looked at more for Fall
    • Discussion of gravel in front area, risk for kids who skid out and fall on gravel, lots of scrapes – Tami and Bev to check on whether or not more gravel can be removed
    • The school will be putting a large new sign at the entrance to the bus loop with a few more specifics about not entering.
    • People who park on striped lines in parking lot – some people are quite abusive
    • Our parking and bus loop could be much worse, realistically
    • Drainage has improved
    • Discussion regarding fence and city
    • Have come a long way
    • Can we practice an outside/inside drill (example, bear outside). The school is planning to hold an intruder drill (Mr. Fleck with funny wig, kids will be warned). That will be an inside/out drill. This will be publicized to parents before it happens.
  8. Positive Behavior Support
    • There was a discussion at a meeting earlier this evening which all parents were invited to. The discussion topic was female relationship aggression
    • Just taking down Heather Park – “hot or not” website
    • Updated smart phone policy – 4th time this year. Any students with a phone in view may have it confiscated by school staff.
    • Discussion of challenge videos online
  9. DPAC update
    • BCCPAC update on conference and AGM, conference materials on www.sd57dpac.ca
    • DPAC AGM and elections have recently been held and Executive is quite similar composition to last year’s
      Prince George conference being planned for October, want to have social emotional learning component in it
  10. Principal Update
    • Can’t provide much of an update on class composition/teachers next year as things are still in flux. – 2 teachers have indicated they will be leaving, 2 teachers will be returning, staff are also looking at postings which are quite active in June.
    • Mrs. T-Allen will be retiring at the end of this year
    • Explorations program – will require some different teaching skills
    • Expecting moves in June
    • Might know by last PAC meeting of the year what the teacher/class set up will look like.
    • Explorations – grades 4 to 7 – elementary style electives and remediation program. October 15th to end of March, will do 3 six week programs. Will be academic enrichment (science and heritage fair, robotics), academic remediation, hockey, lifestyle, art, tech ed, other elective options.
    • Hockey program is now full.
    • Concern expressed – a Report card writing day is the same week as Sports day. This requires parents to take two days off in a week – can we look at having these in separate weeks next year? Scheduling can be difficult for a school this size.
    • Report card writing days have been directed not to be on a Monday or Friday, as they might be perceived as being time off for teachers. However, pro-D days are scheduled for Mondays/Friday.
  11. Other Business
    • Possibility of adding staff forum to agenda
    • Review of upcoming events
    • Sports Day Concession – volunteers for Quebec field trip have offered to do the concession this year as a fundraiser if, and only if, PAC volunteers not interested in running it. Suggestion of having a fuller discussion over this sort of policy in the fall as individual group fundraisers will likely come up again in the future.
    • MOTION: Cindy moved to have the Quebec field trip volunteers run the sports day concession for this year, seconded by Gina. Parents with children going to Quebec field trip abstained from vote. Motion Carried.
    • Action: add to agenda for policy for discussion in September
  12. Playground
    • There is an engineering plan for the grounds – one is a terraced plan, with retaining wall on far bank – would be difficult with new playgrounds. Where real engineering part comes in is where there is flooding and erosion, between blacktop and the fence. Plan was to pull fencing back, and draw new line about 10-15 meters in.
    • Suggestion of having an open space planner come and facilitate a discussion with parents around what they would like to see around the grounds, a holistic approach.
    • MOTION Gina moved that we hold meeting in September with open space planner to facilitate a discussion regarding a holistic approach to the school grounds, including the playgrounds, but not restricted to playgrounds – Seconded by Sarah. Carried.
    • Ask Steve to talk to teachers to facilitate kids doing some planning around what they would like in the schoolgrounds, Gina to put together survey for students
    • Would want to invite Barry Beppel.

Meeting Adjourned 8:47 pm. Next PAC meeting, including Elections for Executive, will be Thursday June 20 at 7:00