Heather Park PAC General Meeting Minutes- November 20, 2013

In pdf format:  Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council- General Meeting November 20, 2013 Minutes

Parent Advisory Council- General Meeting

Minutes for Wednesday November 20, 2013

Computer Room

In Attendance:  14 members, 3 guests:  Steve Fleck, Tanya Goodwin and Brenda Hooker.

Meeting called to order at 6:45 pm

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Administrative Matters

Admin stuff- brief explanation of how the meeting will function as described in the handout.

Letters and correspondence with PAC:

-BCCPAC -Mandy mentioned an interesting article regarding the 4 roles in bullying

– Teacher magazine

-flyers from playground retailers

-25+ student playground surveys

-MANY Campbell soup labels – Lesley mentioned we have over 100,000 points currently.  She will email Jane & Cindy with a job description to source a volunteer to organize, count and redeem these labels

3.     Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the October 16, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved as submitted.  It was confirmed that the motion regarding signing authority transfer is being carried out. Thank you to Purdy’s for sending a box of chocolates for us to share at the meeting.

4.    New Business – Patricia Lopston is setting up a chapter of the Canadian Parents for French. Currently, there are chapters in BC and Yukon that help French Immersion schools attain additional funding. This item will be added to the January agenda. Gina will continue to find UNBC planning students who will analyze the surveys.

5.    Treasurer’s Report-   Brad confirmed that statements can continue to be mailed to the school.  Brad suggests we spend some of our gaming money. Currently, we have $45000+ overall. We need to allocate money within 1 year for licensed gaming funds…Feb 2014.

6. DPAC Update- Patricia Lopston is our new DPAC representative. Thank you Patricia. Brad provides an update on Sarah’s behalf. Reminder, Policy 5119 (school catchment, registration and bussing) is still open for discussion. Further information is posted on the PAC website. Written submission for feedback deadline is January 6, 2014 Attention: Wendy De Marsh. A link to the school districts website will be added to the information on the PAC website.

7.    Safety Update- Tami and Bev are continuing their fire hazard “paper hunt”. Most areas of the school have improved greatly. Parents are still using the bus lane inappropriately. One problem area at the rear of school regarding a blocked drainage ditch has been dealt with and repaired by the district. Parking is an ongoing issue and Tami reminds everyone to utilize the Elksentre parking lot as we are the only school in town to have an additional City owned lot at our disposal.

8.     Winter Celebration-Thanks to Gina, Teresa and Giuliana for spearheading this event. After a brief open table discussion, the tentative date of Dec.13 has been moved to Thursday Dec. 19. Approximately 5:30-7:30pm.The idea of “Potluck, Polar Express and PJs” is favoured with both the gym and multi- purpose rooms being utilized. Potluck suggestions of appies and desserts are popular. If craft tables and activities stations are to be available, volunteersare required.

9.    Volunteer Opportunities-Rose continues to head up the Regal and Purdy’s events.

Canucks Raffle– With the sage advice of Lesley and Yvonne, Rose has also taken on the Canucks Raffle! Thanks so much Rose!  She has begun sourcing out costs for game tickets, airfare & ticket printing. Raffle tickets will be available Jan.31-Feb.7. March 7 will be the official draw date. Last year’s proposed budget was $3351 but actual spending was $3608. Sourcing volunteers is difficult and incentives will assist. Also, other costs have increased.

Motion: To increase the budget for the Canucks Raffle to $4000. Moved by Rose, Seconded by Lesley. Carried.

Winter Festival– Cindy and Jane will send out a volunteer request email.

10.   Discussion topics-

Pod A1 pickup is becoming a greater issue with the noise and activity of early arriving caregivers and toddlers etc. Although signs have been posted for entrance to the area only after 2:25pm the problem is still continuing. After many suggestions and debate, it was decided that the best option is to close the doors until 2:25pm on a trial basis, with additional signage and a letter sent home to parents of pod A1 children reminding them of the “20 minutes a day of learning that their child misses out on.”

Parking and idling vehicles are a more prevalent issue now that winter is upon us. Many complaints have been logged regarding Gray Road. Mr. Fleck is outside every day at dismissal time providing a presence in the area near the parking lot and roadside. It was suggested that City bylaw do more patrols and post signage along Gray Road to discourage temporary parking and drop offs. The issue of bussing is brought up and segues into our guest’s spot.

11.   School Trustee Brenda Hooker- Thank you to Brenda for joining us. This is Brenda’s first term. She gave us the highlights of her duties and suggested we refer to the District website for more info on Policy 5119. Also, she mentioned there are tutorials etc. available for PACs at the District Resource Centre. Monica Berr is the PAC liaison. As well, there are many e-resources available to students such as Mathletics. A Strategic 5 year Planning Committee has been created recently. However, they are in the initial phases and have no mission statement yet.

12.    Principal’s Forum- Mr. Fleck discussed the continued success of the Explorations Program. He describes it as “The most meaningful part of his career”. The program offers the students a choice in their activities be it remedial, enriched or sport. Mr. Fleck provided us with a copy of the Explorations report card. As well, some of our own teachers helped create the new, piloted term report cards.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:30.  Next meeting, Wednesday January 15, 2014 in the Computer Room.

Additional Info…

Volunteering in the School

  • Fill out the form and get your criminal record check
  •  Fill in the sign up and look for emails from the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sign In at the front office in binder
  • Where to meet- PAC Corner

Upcoming Events

  • Information and dates are provided in the School newsletter (bi-weekly, sign up on the HP PAC website)
  • Front entrance bulletin board and side entrance bulletin board