Heather Park PAC Special Meeting Minutes- December 19, 2013

Link for pdf version: Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council- Special Meeting December 19, 2013 Minutes


Parent Advisory Council- Special Meeting of the General Membership

Thursday December 19, 2013

2:35 pm Heather Park Gym

Members in attendance: 10

 1. Motion: to add the position of the Raffle Coordinator to the Executive

a.  Motioner: Lesley Lindsay

b.  Seconder: Eileen Lafraimboise

c.  Vote: approved

2. Elections

              a. Nominations

i. Rosalie Mellott

b. Election

c. Appointment

i. Rosalie Mellott


Meeting adjourned 2:40pm.

Members in attendance:

Gina Layte-Liston

Mandy Newcomb

Eileen Laframboise

Lesley Lindsay

Giulliana Tomblyn

Rosalie Mellott

Rhianna Everitt

Tracy Van Somer

Tami Rowe

Teresa Gomez Tagle