Reminder- PAC School Lunch on Wednesday

This is a reminder that those of you who ordered the different PAC school lunches, there will be one on Wednesday February 19th.  It is soft taco day!

Thanks to Sharri for coordinating these lunches.  It is alot of work to coordinate the whole process for 600 students and we appreciate the time and energy so that our kids can have a special lunch.  I also appreciate just having to send snacks!

Thanks also to the volunteers who show up and assist in the collection of the forms/money from the classrooms and the distribution of the lunches.


Do you have any feedback on the ordering process- one lunch, two lunches, or three ordered at the same time.  Does it work for your family?  Do you have any suggestions for different lunches?  What feedback are your kids giving you?   Please email Sharri at or Gina at