Thank you!

thank you

A big thank you to the PAC executive members who are stepping down at the end of this year after several years of commitment. They have given a lot of their time to keeping the PAC going so we can support our Heather Park Elementary school

Pamela Saulters, Gina Layte Liston, Derek Dougherty and Cindy White – thank you and we know you will continue to be of invaluable support to the new team.

A special thank you goes to Sarah Holland and Brad Maclain who will be leaving the school, as their youngest daughter enters high school in September. Sarah was a valuable asset, being our DPAC “insider” and Brad’s IT knowledge has helped getting the PAC technologically up to date.

Tammy is (thankfully) not leaving us, but she deserves recognition for the mornings she gives up for our fruit and veg programme. Thank you… without you our children would not be able to enjoy this.

And of course…thanks to all our other amazing volunteers who helped out with hot lunches, the raffle, fundraising ….