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official Heather Park School update

Parent Input Welcomed for Class Placements in 2011-2012

Over the coming weeks, we will be tentatively placing students in class groupings for next year.  Parents who wish to provide input regarding their children’s needs can go to our website to send information to our placement team.  We would be happy to include feedback regarding children’s learning styles, relationships with other students, and other …

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Around the Schools, Week of May 16th

Students and staff at École Heather Park Elementary School had a jam-packed week!  We are proud to announce that through the ‘Pie or Be Pied’ challenge and the “Buy a Seed Pack” campaign about $951.00 was raised.  In addition, several current and former Heather Park staff as well as many others supported Shelby’s “Daddy’s Little …

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Around the Schools, week of May 9, 2011

From moose to Mother’s Day projects, students and staff at École Heather Park Elementary School continue to race pell-mell towards the end of the school year.  Recently an errant moose roamed on the school property, and needless to say, and from the safety of classroom windows, was the focus of excited attention.  Many students were …

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Welcome back to school!

Keep in mind that last week was a 4 day school week, this week is a 4 day school week, and next week will also be a 4 day school week (May 6th is a pro-D day).    

Survey! As part of a discussion about the learning agenda at Heather Park, the school is developing a defining sentence to serve as a touchstone to remind us what is important when making decisions in the future. Parents are being asked for input in a short survey: Can you please take 2 minutes to …

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Around the Schools, week of April 4, 2011

Several different primary classrooms (Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. MacLeod, Mrs. Wiebe) at École Heather Park Elementary enjoyed completing special projects based on a book by Jeff Brown called Flat Stanley. Activities included having students trace and colour their bodies, complete a journal and then mailing their ‘flat’ selves off to a relative or friend. The recipients …

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Around the Schools Update – March 30, 2011

École Heather Park Elementary welcomes back students and staff to the third and final school term of 2010-11.  No foolin’, there will be a special Rock & Roll Literacy presentation on Friday April 1st by Sigmund Brouwer, best-selling author of Flight of Shadows and eighteen other novels. Using great music, he speaks about the importance …

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