Allergy Awareness Plan

We’re pleased to announce that the school has developed an Allergy Awareness Plan:

The school anaphylaxis plan is designed to ensure that children at risk are identified, strategies are in place to minimize the potential for accidental exposure, and staff and key volunteers are trained to respond in an emergency situation.

If you  have any questions or concerns about this plan, please contact the school.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Mascot Design Contest

Volunteer update

There is lots going on at EHPE and we need your help to make things happen!  Whether you are able to help out on regular basis or just have an hour or two to spare, your help is appreciated! Below is a list of our current volunteer needs. If you can helpplease send me an email ( and I’ll get you more information.
In this post:
1. Pumpkin Contest Helpers needed (before and after school on Friday Oct 29)
2. Help with Newsletter Distribution (1-2 hours every second Monday)
3. Teacher Appreciation Baking on October 20
4. Safe Start Volunteers needed (one morning per week for 45 minutes)
5. Someone to start thinking about school T-shirts (longer term, no set time)
6. PAC Bylaw Development (no set time)
7. Working Groups Formed – new members welcome!
8. Criminal Record Check Forms

1. Pumpkin Contest Helpers needed (before and after school on Friday Oct 29)
The School Pumpkin contest will be held on Friday October 29. Students are asked to bring a precarved pumpkin to the school to display in the foyer for the day.  A few volunteers are needed on the morning of October 29 (approx 8:00 am – 9:00 am) to help receive and organize the pumpkins, and a few volunteers are needed in the afternoon (approx 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm) for pick up and clean up.  If you have an hour to help out, please send me an email. We’d love to have your help with the event!
2. Help with Newsletter Distribution(1-2 hours every second Monday)
A volunteer is needed once every two weeks (approx 1-2 hours) to assist with the printing and distributing (to class rooms) of the PAC and school newsletters.   This individual could work directly with Bev in the office.  The preference is to distribute the newsletters to the classrooms during recess or lunch time so as to minimize disruptions to class time. 
We also need one volunteer for a one time job (2-3 hours) to work with Dolores in the office to establish a mail carrier list to eliminate duplicate copies of communications going to each family.  Dolores would print out a BCISIS report and the person would just need to go through the report to check for errors and delete the names of families who will receive the report via e-mail. This will help both the school and the Environment!
3. Teacher Appreciation Baking on October 20
At EHPE we are fortunate to have a very dedicated staff of teachers, specialists, administrative and support staff who have definitely ‘gone the extra mile’ in the last several weeks.   We would like to show our appreciation by providing the staff with baked goodies on Wed Oct 20th as a special Thank you.  If you’d like to help out by providing some baked treats on this day, please bring them to the PAC kitchen (adjacent to the Multipurpose room) before school on October 20 (anytime after 8:00 am). We will make sure it is delivered to the staff rooms for the staff to enjoy.
4. SafeStart Volunteers Needed (one morning per week for 45 minutes)
The school is running the Safe Start follow-up phone call program each morning.  The purpose of the program is to ensure that children have arrived at school safely and are accounted for.  After morning attendance, the school makes a phone call to the home of any students who have unexplained absences. One volunteer is needed each morning from approximately 9:15-10:00 am to phone the homes of each child with an unexplained absence to ensure that they are accounted for.   The calls are made from a phone in the school office.  We would love to have one regular volunteer for each day of the week.
5. Someone to start thinking about school T-shirts (longer term, no set time)
Is someone interested in getting the ball rolling on school T-shirts, hoodies etc?  This is still at the “Idea stage”, and no discussions have happened yet regarding what, who, how much, when or how many.  If someone is interested in taking a lead on this, it would be great to get you involved right from the initial discussions.  Please send me an email if you are interested!
6. PAC Bylaw Development
At last week’s PAC meeting, the EHPE PAC’s initial Bylaws were approved
Bylaws are necessary to allow the PAC to function, and this first set of bylaws were drafted quickly and adopted for this purpose. However, a more detailed set of bylaws, tailored specifically to the EHPE PAC should still be drafted and put forward at a future PAC meeting for discussion and approval.  Sarah Holland has volunteered to work on this.  If anyone is interested in joining Sarah on this task please send me an email.
7. Working Groups Formed – new members welcome!
At our recent PAC meeting we had a number of parents volunteer to help with various groups that were identified as important priorities by you, the parents. These groups were broken down into the top six priorities as follows:  Recess safety and activities, Playgrounds, Social activities and dances, Food and related issues, Safety and Traffic, Fundraising.  These groups are just getting going and welcome new members.  Send me an email if you would like to join these groups in developing and implementing a plan to address these priorities.  More info is on the PAC website
8. Criminal Record Check Forms
As a safety precaution, all volunteers in the school are required to complete an RCMP Criminal Record Check. These checks are valid for 3 years.  All volunteers/visitors must also sign in at the office and wear a volunteer badge when they come to the school.Criminal Record Check forms are available in the school office and each applicant needs to fill them out and take them to the RCMP office in person, along with photo identification. I can also email you a pdf of the form if you need one.  If you are not sure if you have a current check on file, please call or stop by the school office and staff will check your status. 
Thanks again!  Whether you can spare two hours a week or two hours a month, it is all greatly appreciated. Our children are the ones who benefit!
Looking forward to seeing you in the coming weeks
Yvonne Parkinson
PAC Volunteer Coordinator

Committees and Working Groups

At the PAC meeting on October 6th, it was decided to set up the following committees / working groups / task forces:

  • Recess Activity Issues
  • Playground
  • School Activities
  • Food
  • Safety and Traffic
  • Fundraising
  • Bylaws

 A number of people have signed up for these groups, and an email will be going out soon to these people to start arranging meetings and discussions. Each group will have an executive member as a liaison, and to get the group going, but the group will meet to choose the structure that members prefer.

If anyone else is interested in joining one of these groups, please email

Unapproved minutes, October 6 2010 General Meeting

Wednesday Oct 6, 2010
Lab Room 2023
Attendance: 37 parents!
Call to Order: 7:01pm
1. Introductions
            -Sally welcomes everyone and starts the introductions around the room
2. Minutes
            –motion to accept by Carissa, 2nd by Sarah
3. Administrative Matters
            -review what parents want from PAC
            -how minutes are to be posted
            -agenda to be posted Monday of the week of mtg, if anyone would like to add anything, please email Sally
            –voted to move the meeting to 2nd Wednesday of the month, will be in Lab Room 2023
            -we will NOT be providing copies of minutes, agenda. It will be available on the website
            -we have a parking lot where if anything comes up during the meeting it will be dealt with at the end of the meeting if time allows, otherwise will go on the agenda for the next meeting
4. Bylaw’s
            -Sarah reviewed the proposed basic bylaw provision
            -would definately be able to add to it as we go
            –Sarah motions to adopt proposed bylaws, 2nd by Michelle
5. Principal’s Report
            -reviewed school situation
            -classroom teachers are going strong with students
            -office getting things unpacked and sorted
            -Dan & Steve are working mostly on health & safety
            -reviewed briefly & thanked parents that attended, the safety meeting last week
            -big issue currently is health & safety (nut aware vs nut free)
            -plan is contact parents to have meetings & have a safety plan in place for each child
            -Heather Park will use the SD#57 policy as it’s guiding force
            -a parent asked what the status of school is of nut aware vs free
            -Steve said our status is we are working toward an effective safety plan, classes will probably have different levels of awareness but there will definately be a school wide awareness
6. Priorities for PAC
            -review previous suggestions
            -other suggestions, safestart, school culture
            -Yvonne gave 3 stickers to each parent to give all in attendance a chance to prioritize
                        -another playground
                        -concerns of only 1 supervisor (Steve said 7 are on, but they are placed around the school yard)
                        -play areas designate K-2 3-7
                        -put equipment to use we already have, do we need more
                        -focus the children’s energy on something
                        -staggering recess times
                        -more focused supervision
                        -look at more specific activities when winter comes
                        -are AR &/or Springwood’s playgrounds coming?
                        -Question: when will we be getting another one? A: (Steve) was told they were going to get at least one, then there was a moritorium on any changes at any closed schools
                        -can parents make their feelings known
                        -at a DPAC mtg the info was that it would be $10K to move (who pays?), will it be structurely safe?
                        -establish a volunteer group
            –Dances & School Activities
                        -have the group discuss
                        -try and solicit ideas from all 3 former schools
                        -establish a volunteer group
                        -we are doing a fruit & veggie program (thanks to Heather & Maya)
                        -do we want a concession, discussion, its a go
                        -we want a healthy concession, we have to follow the healthy guidelines criteria
                        -can we do away with the vending machines, we have a contract
                        -do free hot lunches with profits (from hot lunches)
                        -establish a volunteer group
            –Traffic & Bus Loop
                        -do we want a task force
                        -establish a volunteer group
                        -can be combined with school activities
                        -to strickly raise money
                        -some think we need community building vs fundraising, others think vice versa
                        -make sure people are aware of tax receipts if donations made directly at SD57
                        -establish a volunteer group
            –Before the Bell
                        -if parents have any ideas or concern’s they are more than welcom to go see Steve or Dan
7. Executive Elections
            -some discussion over other positions, fundraising co-ordinator, safety officer, member at large position
            –Motion: Lorraine made a motion to establish a safety officer, 2nd by Tammy
            -voted: 19 nay, 14 yea
            -discussion over traffic bus loop group could bring forth another motion after they meet
8. Banking
            -Sally reviewed reason for one motion
            –Motion: Move that we open 2 bank accounts at the Spruce Credit Union, one to be used for general banking & one for our Gaming account; that we name Leeann Poppleton, Treasurer; Sally Connon, Chairperson; Kelly Thirkettle, Vice-Chairperson; and Lesley Lindsay, Secretary as signers on our accounts, and that 2 signatures are required to endorse cheques; also that we establish a petty cash fund of $100 & a discretionary spending amount of $50.
            –Motion by Leeann, 2nd by Carissa
            –Motion: Move that we join BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, for a cost of $75, by October 31, 2010 and then get a 50% discount on that fee by giving our district parent advisory council our proxy vote for the November extraordinary general meeting.
            -Motion by Sarah, 2nd by Kelly
            -discussion, as funds will not likely be transfered by then Sarah to pay up front and PAC to refund when finances are in order
            -discussion on what PAC money from other schools would be Springwood about $1500, Austin Road about $2000
            -discussion on funds to establish concession
            -Yvonne ask if we should approve an amount for the concession group to get going
            –Motion: approval for the concession working group to spend up to $350 to get the concession established
            -Yvonne motions, 2nd by Terri
9. Parking Lot
            -gaming money is from government from lotto, casino & bingo, this year we are to receive $20/child, there is strings attached as to how the money can be spent
            -Pumpkin carving contest, Tracy to get it going
            -Carissa brought up some new activities/fundraising opportunities thru community policy such as operation red nose, she will provide a poster that we can put up on our PAC board
            -Andrew let us know that yesterday was Teacher’s Appreciation Day, we would like to acknowledge it
            -talked about a PAC teacher’s snack/goodies day (Wed Oct 20 -contact Lesley)
            -Steve mentioned that the teacher’s would definately appreciate a handwritten card or a parents/teachers only tea/gathering
            -discussion on getting the communication out better to all parents, PAC board to focus on better communication
Adjourn: 8:36pm

Minutes from first PAC meeting, September 22, 2010

Note: these minutes are unapproved at this time. Corrections may be made.


Wednesday September 22, 2010

Attendance: 60 plus parents!

Call to Order: 7:05pm (Lab Room 2023)

1. Outlined format for evening
-“What is the role of PAC”
-a concerned group of parents/guardians
-liase with school principal, reps from CTS
-suggest ideas, issues, organize events
-day to day functions ie: raise funds, currie suggestions & questions

2. Position’s description
-Chair: leader, main position of responsibility
-V Chair: consultive role with Chair, support role
-Treasurer: some background in finance helpfull (not a requirement), monthly financial reports, books kept transparent
-Secretary: maintains communications, pass on info to school, document decisions, minutes

3. Bylaws
-sample bylaws from BCCPAC, proposed only
-incoming executive will consider them
-tonight will be a secret ballet, in opaque envelopes to be collected and archived

4. Election: Chair
-Marilyn Langois by Gladys, 2nd by Tracy G, accepted
-Sally Connon by Nicole, 2nd by Kristin H, accepted
-Sally Connon elected Chair

5. Election: Vice Chair
-Yvonne Parkinson by Sarah H, 2nd by Tammy, accepted/withdraw
-Heather Wosny by Marilyn, 2nd by Carissa, accepted
-Kelly Thirkettle by Michelle, 2nd by Lesley, accepted
-Marilyn Langois by Georgia S, 2nd by Kim C, accepted
-Kelly Thirkettle elected Vice Chair

6. Election: Treasurer
-Tina Sarazzin by Yvonne, declined
-Sarah Holland by Tracy, 2nd by Tracy, declined
-Heather Wozny by Yvonne, 2nd by Tammy, declined
-Andrew by Yvonne, 2nd by Terry, declined
-Leeann Poppleton by Tasha, 2nd by Tamara, accepted
-noted that Leeann is a SD57 employee
-Sarah Holland read BCCPAC policy is ambiguous
-show of hands to support her name to stand, passed
-Leeann Poppleton is Treasurer by acclimation

7. Election: Secretary
-Sarah Holland by Kara, 2nd by Susan, declined
-Tamara Good/Tracy Christensen by Sarah, 2nd by Yvonne, accepted
-show of hands to support par of people standing for 1 position, passed
-Marilyn Langois by Kara, 2nd by Georgia, declined
-Yvonne Parkinson, declined
-Heather Wosny by Tara, 2nd by Tracy, declined
-Lesley Lindsay by Terri, 2nd by Lisa, accepted
-Lesley Lindsay elected Secretary

*Motions from floor for new positions*

Motion: Volunteer Co-ordinator: to co-ordinate lists of all Heather Park parents who wish to volunteer (email, phone etc.) by Lesley, 2nd by Leeann
-questions for/against, none
-Vote: That HPPAC to establish a volunteer co-ordinator position carried

8. Elections: Volunteer Co-ordinator
-Yvonne Parkinson by Michelle, 2nd by Kara, accepted
-Yvonne Parkinson is Volunteer Co-ordinator by acclimation

Motion: Communications Officer: media releases, newsletters, radio/TV/paper with respect to PAC and its activites (parents & public) by Tracy, 2nd by Susan
-questions, to public on behalf of PAC
-website not a requirement
-PAC will decide particulars
-is this Secretary’s role? Secretary is a big job, beneficial to have help to supplement role
-Vote: That HPPAC establish Communication Officer position, carried

9. Election: Communication Officer
-Sarah Holland by Susan, 2nd by Kara, accepted
-Tracy Christensen by Tamara, 2nd by Tracy, accepted
-show of hands to support both as Co-communications officers, passed
-Sarah Holland & Tracy Christensen are Co-communication Officers by acclimation

10. Safety Officer position was discussed
-decided to expand on positions at next board meeting