Role of PAC

Parents have an important role in a school, in partnership with school teachers and administration.

In BC Public Education, the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is:

  • The parent voice at the school level
  • All parents and guardians of students in the school may be members
  • May advise the school board, principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, except matters assigned to the school planning council
  • May assist the school planning council as requested
  • Elects three representatives to the SPC

School Planning Council (SPC)

  • Responsible for developing the annual school plan for improving student achievement in the school
  • Consists of the principal, one teacher, three parents elected from the PAC, and one student in grade 10, 11, or 12
  • Consults with the PAC during preparation of the school plan
  • Advises the school board on specific matters relating to the school
  • Note: unfortunately, teachers are not currently able to participate in the SPC

Advisory Role Under the School Act
Under the School Act, PACs and DPACs have an advisory role in schools and districts:

  • A PAC, through its elected officers, may advise the school board, principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council. [School Act, section 8(4)]
  • A PAC, through its three elected representatives on the school planning council, participates in preparing an annual school plan to improve student achievement in the school. [School  Act, sections 8.1 and 8.3]

Purposes of PACs

  • To promote the education and welfare of students
  • To encourage parent involvement in the school
  • To advise the school board, principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, other than matters  assigned to the school planning council
  • To participate in the work of the school planning council through the PAC’s elected representatives
  • To contribute to a sense of community within the school and between the school, home, and neighbourhood
  • To provide parent education and professional development, and a forum for discussion of educational issues
  • To assist parents in obtaining information and communicating with the principal and staff about their child’s progress or other concerns
  • To assist the principal and staff in ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained in the school and neighbourhood
  • To organize and support activities for students and parents
  • To provide financial support for the goals of the council, as determined by the membership

The PAC does NOT:

  • Run the school
  • Force parents to participate in PAC and/or school activities
  • Set policy regarding school programs
  • Define the school’s curriculum
  • Control the school’s budget
  • Have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers, and other employees


Please report any immediate safety concerns to the school office for action. Heather Park PAC no longer has a standing safety sub-committee. Instead we have added the position of Safety Coordinator to the PAC executive. To bring a safety concern to the PAC executive, please email

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