Minutes from first PAC meeting, September 22, 2010

Note: these minutes are unapproved at this time. Corrections may be made.


Wednesday September 22, 2010

Attendance: 60 plus parents!

Call to Order: 7:05pm (Lab Room 2023)

1. Outlined format for evening
-“What is the role of PAC”
-a concerned group of parents/guardians
-liase with school principal, reps from CTS
-suggest ideas, issues, organize events
-day to day functions ie: raise funds, currie suggestions & questions

2. Position’s description
-Chair: leader, main position of responsibility
-V Chair: consultive role with Chair, support role
-Treasurer: some background in finance helpfull (not a requirement), monthly financial reports, books kept transparent
-Secretary: maintains communications, pass on info to school, document decisions, minutes

3. Bylaws
-sample bylaws from BCCPAC, proposed only
-incoming executive will consider them
-tonight will be a secret ballet, in opaque envelopes to be collected and archived

4. Election: Chair
-Marilyn Langois by Gladys, 2nd by Tracy G, accepted
-Sally Connon by Nicole, 2nd by Kristin H, accepted
-Sally Connon elected Chair

5. Election: Vice Chair
-Yvonne Parkinson by Sarah H, 2nd by Tammy, accepted/withdraw
-Heather Wosny by Marilyn, 2nd by Carissa, accepted
-Kelly Thirkettle by Michelle, 2nd by Lesley, accepted
-Marilyn Langois by Georgia S, 2nd by Kim C, accepted
-Kelly Thirkettle elected Vice Chair

6. Election: Treasurer
-Tina Sarazzin by Yvonne, declined
-Sarah Holland by Tracy, 2nd by Tracy, declined
-Heather Wozny by Yvonne, 2nd by Tammy, declined
-Andrew by Yvonne, 2nd by Terry, declined
-Leeann Poppleton by Tasha, 2nd by Tamara, accepted
-noted that Leeann is a SD57 employee
-Sarah Holland read BCCPAC policy is ambiguous
-show of hands to support her name to stand, passed
-Leeann Poppleton is Treasurer by acclimation

7. Election: Secretary
-Sarah Holland by Kara, 2nd by Susan, declined
-Tamara Good/Tracy Christensen by Sarah, 2nd by Yvonne, accepted
-show of hands to support par of people standing for 1 position, passed
-Marilyn Langois by Kara, 2nd by Georgia, declined
-Yvonne Parkinson, declined
-Heather Wosny by Tara, 2nd by Tracy, declined
-Lesley Lindsay by Terri, 2nd by Lisa, accepted
-Lesley Lindsay elected Secretary

*Motions from floor for new positions*

Motion: Volunteer Co-ordinator: to co-ordinate lists of all Heather Park parents who wish to volunteer (email, phone etc.) by Lesley, 2nd by Leeann
-questions for/against, none
-Vote: That HPPAC to establish a volunteer co-ordinator position carried

8. Elections: Volunteer Co-ordinator
-Yvonne Parkinson by Michelle, 2nd by Kara, accepted
-Yvonne Parkinson is Volunteer Co-ordinator by acclimation

Motion: Communications Officer: media releases, newsletters, radio/TV/paper with respect to PAC and its activites (parents & public) by Tracy, 2nd by Susan
-questions, to public on behalf of PAC
-website not a requirement
-PAC will decide particulars
-is this Secretary’s role? Secretary is a big job, beneficial to have help to supplement role
-Vote: That HPPAC establish Communication Officer position, carried

9. Election: Communication Officer
-Sarah Holland by Susan, 2nd by Kara, accepted
-Tracy Christensen by Tamara, 2nd by Tracy, accepted
-show of hands to support both as Co-communications officers, passed
-Sarah Holland & Tracy Christensen are Co-communication Officers by acclimation

10. Safety Officer position was discussed
-decided to expand on positions at next board meeting