Movie Night Success

Message from Sally, PAC chair

The movie night was wonderful.  We have lots of people to thank for that one…

Thanks to Yvonne for helping Tracy and Julia get the event rolling and Sarah for getting the word out.  Tracy and Julia did a great job of pulling it together and being leaders…they are ready to go for the next one.  Thanks to Tamara for her creative work on the ‘ticket’ notice.  Georgette was a lovely host and did a great job collecting money with Tracy.  Thanks to Steve for being the bouncer, chair guy, video guy and for sharing his chocolates with the other volunteers.  Thanks to Marilyn, Leeann, Leslie, and Kelly for their work in the concession; this included spring, summer, and fall clean-up in the kitchen.  A HUGE thank you to Laura for popping ALL the popcorn…she was there all day and all evening.  Thank you to Leeann for dealing with the money.  Thank you to everyone who helped clean up.  There was lots of positive feedback.  The hazard of individual thank you messages is that I may have missed someone.  Thank you to those folks too.

A few things of note for the next one….

I think we could fit in the multipurpose room next time, but it was good to be in the gym the first time.  The mats on the floor were a wonderful idea.  We put the popcorn and drinks out at the entrance…that worked well.  Having the popcorn popped ahead was a good bit of wisdom…we had no line-ups.  It might be nice to start 30 minutes earlier…to accommodate the little ones (lets get feedback on that).  A suggestion was made to buy the movie next time and raffle it off at the end of the show.  The sub-titles were very much appreciated by one little girl and her family, as she has a hearing disability.  It was EXTREMELY well organized with LOTS of helpers and not a single hiccup.  All of our volunteers were smiling.  If every PAC event goes as well as this one…we are in for lots of fun!