Principal/Vice-Principal’s Weekly Message to Teachers – November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010
Steve and I had several meetings last week with Property Maintenance, PAC Exec, and KRSS admin to air our concerns re: snow removal and lodge our priority list with the various “powers that be”. To that end, we hope to coordinate snow removal so that our two walkways from the parking lots, and the walkway from the Elksentre down past the blacktop, will be cleared earlier on those days when we receive a snowfall. FYI, the rest of the property, including parking lots,  is cleared in prioritised phases by an outside contractor, along with other SD properties in our zone.
Please continue to wear your “ice grippers”, as several of the sidewalks approaching the building are sloped. Also, please continue to wear the orange vests while on supervision to let our students and parents know we are “out there”.
Sliding on the hills in the back of the school will become more of an issue, now that we have snow. For now, please use your discretion to guide “safe sliding” while we identify and work on the hot spots.
Have a great week!
What’s happening this week?
• Intermediate Assessment meeting, 3 pm in Lab 1060
• Team Volleyball practise at 2:45 in the gym
• SBT, 3 pm in the Conference room
• Volleyball Fun Day, 12:15-2:30 in the main gym
• Team Volleyball practise at 2:45 in the gym
• Intermediate choir, 2:45 in the Band room
• Report Writer Workshop, 9 am in Lab 2023
• Intermediate Report Writing Day
• Primary Hot Lunch