Safety Committee PAC Presentation for Nov 10, 2010

My name is Tami Rowe and I have a grade 2 student and a kindergartener here this year.

I am speaking tonight as a representative for the Ecole Heather Park PAC safety committee.

We are of group of 8 parents who have had the opportunity to meet twice to discuss our concerns and plans.  I would like to thank the courageous parents who have stepped up to join me with this group.  At our first meeting several mentioned that they added their name to the safety list as it was the list with the least names on it, so that tells me they are courageous individuals and I am excited to be working with them.  I have asked Sarah to list our names on the PAC website so that you will know who we are:

Tami Rowe
Jim Connon
Yvonne Parkinson
Lisa Neukom
Sharri York
Marie Larson
Nicole Hillier

We are only in the beginning stages of our efforts.  We have managed to compile a rather large list of safety concerns and we are in the process of gathering accurate information and forming ideas on how to approach our concerns.  We are attempting to prioritize the information and to ensure that all of our ideas are constructive.

We are in the process of scheduling a meeting with Steve and Dan to gather their input and to share with them the information that we have compiled. We have had the opportunity to share our concerns with the PAC executive and they have been able to offer some direction on how we should proceed.

To share with you all the details of our list would take up far more time then our allotted time tonight will allow so we thought we would share with you the topics/concerns that are on our list.  We will gladly share more information with individuals you outside of tonight’s meeting so please feel free to ask one of us as you see us.

Currently our list includes topics related to:

Building evacuation:  has it been tested and proven effective?

Outdoor supervision:  Is it effective and how can it be improved?

Traffic and the Bus Loop:  We have some ideas on changes.  We are currently evaluating if they can be implemented.

Winter weather concerns:
Snow and water that is about to be tracked into the school
Hills in the back of the school becoming slippery and being used for sledding.   Snow removal Is there a plan and how is it going to effect the operations of the school?
Pathway Maintenance in the winter

Congestion upon entering
This concern was much higher on our list last week then it is this week.  Thank you, for starting the line ups at the main entrance.
We are not sure about the rest of the school but will continue to observe this.

Playground congestion and fencing:
We would like to talk to the playground and recess committee as we feel that we might have some overlap here.

Missing children
During the school day and those who do not appear at their expected destination after school.  What is the process when this happens?

Intruder danger:
What is the plan?

Safe start program:
Is it effective and does it require improvement?

It is our goal that we will be able to help implement some changes to the safety of our school.

Thank you